Say ni hao to building better business relationships in China

Say ni hao to building better business relationships in China article image

Have you ever lost a business opportunity with a Chinese company due to cultural or language misunderstanding?  

Or perhaps you want to do business in China but are intimidated by the cultural and language barriers?  

Thankfully, you don’t need to be fluent in Mandarin or be an expert in Chinese culture to do business with the Chinese. But an awareness of Chinese culture and some practical Mandarin goes a long way to foster your relationship with the Chinese and ensure long-term success in your business partnership.  

Here are three top tips for successfully starting a relationship with a Chinese company:

  1. Have your business card translated to Chinese including your name and the company name. Present the business card with both hands and have it facing your Chinese business partner.
  2. Greet and introduce yourself in Mandarin: nihao (hello), wo jiào (I am) …
  3. Bring a small but meaningful gift representing Australia /your region/industry/ company e.g. a bottle of Australian wine.  

Just doing these three simple things puts you miles ahead of your competition and creates a very strong positive first impression with your potential Chinese business partner. Then, you are on your way to building a profitable long-term relationship with the Chinese company.  

Keep in mind that the Chinese only do business with those they trust and like. So it is vital to invest in the relationship upfront, and the best form of investment is that of Chinese language and cultural education.  

ChineseWize is a leading provider of Chinese language and cultural education for Australian businesses to build strong relationships with Chinese businesses.  

Unlike other language schools, ChineseWize offers unique experiential classes held at boardrooms, teahouses, restaurants, bars, shops – even karaoke bars – for immersive learning.  

Targeted programs for business, social, travel and living deliver immediate and practical outcomes:

  • Business modules include Customer Service, Business Negotiation and Business Networking;
  • Social modules include Dining, Entertainment, Social Networking, Art, and Sports;
  • Travel & Living modules include Shopping, Banking, Cooking, Places & Events, Health & Wellbeing, and Real Estate.  

ChineseWize’s Private Corporate Program is ideal for exporters who are currently doing business in China or those who are keen to target the Chinese market. ChineseWize can train your executives for practical Mandarin and cultural skills.  

The exclusive program is customised with a selection of modules and specific lessons to meet the business needs. A Public Program is also available for individuals to join and develop their skills across all modules. Public Program sessions are held around Sydney CBD. Private Corporate Program sessions are localised.  

Dynamic Export subscribers can enjoy a complimentary Cultural Awareness Workshop (valued at $300) when you join the Private Corporate Program or the Public Program Yearly Membership. 

Enter Promotion Code: Dynamic888 when registering. Offer valid until December 30, 2014.

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