Pitney Bowes’ location technology a game changer for exporters

Pitney Bowes’ location technology a game changer for exporters article image

Pitney Bowes, a global provider of innovative communication technologies, has partnered with WiseTech Global to launch a new package to help logistics companies better manage movement of goods.

WiseTech Global, a leading logistics industry solution provider, is now using Pitney Bowes geocoding and address validation technologies within its CargoWise One platform.

CargoWise One is an integrated single-platform operating system used by many of the world’s largest logistics companies to manage the movement of goods and information across the supply chain.

WiseTech Global will utilise Pitney Bowes new Spectrum Technology within the CargoWise One platform globally to assist users with address validation and geocoding to enhance their delivery accuracy rates, improve cross-border compliance and increase productivity.

“Our customers benefit from further enhancements in geocoding and physical address validation which can assist customs compliance and reduce the risks and costs associated with undelivered shipments,” WiseTech Global CEO Richard White said. “We selected Pitney Bowes Spectrum Technology for its precision in global address validation.”

Market leader

Pitney Bowes is recognized as a global market leader when it comes to location intelligence.

The company recently announced a new suite of Location Intelligence solutions to help companies across a broad range of industries glean more insight from their data.

With its advanced GIS (Geographical Information Systems) capabilities, extensive data sets and analytics tools, Pitney Bowes is helping businesses enrich their customer data to help drive productivity and increase profitability.

Pitney Bowes Location Intelligence solutions feature access to over 350 global data sets, and powerful analytic and visualisation capabilities.

These can be easily integrated into existing IT infrastructure. 

For businesses of all sizes

“Eighty percent of all data in any business has some sort of location component to it,” David Hope, Vice President and Managing Director of Pitney Bowes Software Solutions Asia Pacific,” told Dynamic Export.

“We help companies geo-code their data,” Mr Hope said. “We provide the tools to analyse that information and make business decisions around geo-specific information.

“Spectrum is a game-changer for businesses of all sizes and those who can harness this data appropriately will win.

“It is particularly useful for businesses getting into the export market.

“Logistics providers using this new technology will be able to provide more effective solutions for Australian exporters.”

Better precision and accuracy

Mr Hope says the partnership with WiseTech Global will deliver better precision and accuracy for address and location management.

“By partnering with Pitney Bowes they are now adding an extra layer of sophistication around geo-location management for their customers.”

Mr Hope is confident the new partnership will lead to bigger and better offerings for clients in the near future.

“We can only see an upward spiral through this partnership – it’s a win-win.”

Location Intelligence solutions are available from the recently announced Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud.

They provide access to solutions, analytics and APIs across the full commerce range to help businesses identify customers, locate opportunities, enable communications, manage payments and streamline shipping to and from any location.

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