Nuance’s speech recognition software goes mobile

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Nuance Communications Australia has taken its groundbreaking Dragon speech recognition technology to the next level with the launch of a new mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

New Dragon Anywhere powered by the cloud, delivers the powerful, professional productivity features of Dragon desktop speech recognition to mobile devices.

It’s also the only mobile dictation solution that offers continuous dictation that can be synchronised across devices. Dragon Anywhere delivers robust voice formatting and editing with no time or length limits and a host of customisation features.

It allows field workers, lawyers, social workers, public safety officers and other professionals to increase productivity by using their voice to create and edit complete reports and documents, or capture detailed notes while on the go or in the field.

And documents can be shared easily by email, via cloud-sharing tools like Dropbox, saved to note-taking apps like Evernote or shared with virtually any app via the clipboard.

Dragon Anywhere offers a seamless cross-device experience with Windows and MacOS by integrating with the Dragon Professional Individual for PC and Dragon Professional Individual for Mac desktop products.

Consistent workflows

Key customisation features like auto-texts and custom words that are created with Dragon Anywhere can be automatically synchronised with Dragon Professional Individual for Windows or MacOS, and vice versa.

This ensures professionals can maintain consistent workflows across their devices, share custom terminology – regardless of whether it is specialised words and phrases, or customer and product names – and remain productive.

As with the Dragon desktop solutions, Dragon Anywhere improves its initial high level of accuracy as it learns a person’s unique voice. The cloud-based solution also delivers additional flexibility and convenience for users as it can be accessed from multiple mobile devices with just a single subscription.

“Dragon Anywhere is all about empowering the user,” said Derek Austin, Sales Director, Asia Pacific, Dragon Professional and Consumer Division.

“The app lets Australians who are on the go and out in the field maximise their document productivity. They can complete forms, take notes, and create and share documents in real-time, quickly and easily by voice, and regardless of whether they are using a smartphone or tablet.

“Dragon Anywhere delivers the capability, convenience and flexibility Australian professionals need to stay productive and efficient wherever their work takes them.”dragon-anywhere

Dictation solution for enterprise

Nuance also unveiled Dragon Anywhere Group, its secure, cloud-based, professional-grade, mobile dictation solution for enterprise. Suitable for organisations of all sizes, it has been designed for broad deployment across any enterprise employee base. With Dragon Anywhere Group, data is securely transmitted via the cloud through 256-bit encryption.

It also includes powerful management tools with the Nuance Management Centre, a web or on-premise management environment, that enables central administration at a user, group, site or organisation-wide level.

Nuance Management Centre can centrally manage settings at various levels, track usage, manage licenses, and share and manage customisations. Customisations can be shared across an organisation and synchronised across devices or the latest versions of Dragon Group desktop products, so that work started in the field can be completed back at the desktop for seamless documentation workflows.

For more information on Dragon Anywhere Group for Android and iOS or if you are interested in integrating cloud-based speech recognition into mobile workforce enterprise apps click here.

Click here to see Dragon Anywhere Group in action.


Dragon Anywhere for Australia is available as a subscription service through the Nuance online store. Subscriptions start at $22 a month to A$220 a year. A one-week free trial is also available.

After purchase the app can be downloaded in Google Play. Dragon Anywhere requires Android 4.4 and greater.

Click here for more information on Dragon Anywhere


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