New speech recognition software for legal professionals

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Nuance Communications has launched new speech recognition software for Australian lawyers and law firms.

Dragon Legal Australian offers simplified management, custom vocabularies and time-saving transcription.

The software is built with a specialised Australian legal vocabulary, allowing fast, efficient and accurate dictation of legal documentation and robust transcription. It can be easily shared and deployed across a practice or legal department.

A single administrator can centrally oversee deployments of Dragon to multiple employees, including assigning Dragon licenses, monitoring usage, managing settings or updates, and sharing custom terminology.

Features include:

  • Fast and accurate dictation, made more accurate by an Australian legal vocabulary trained using millions of words from legal documents.
  • Improved transcription capabilities for tasks like transcribing recorded notes, which can reduce transcription time and costs or eliminate transcription services completely.
  • Customisation capabilities that further improve accuracy of dictation and transcription and speed up repetitive tasks, including adding and sharing additional custom words and auto-texts (a frequently-used text passage such as a client or work order description).
  • Support for Citrix virtualised environments.
  • An improved “What can I say?” feature, which provides helpful context-sensitive suggestions for words and commands to use as a person is dictating.

“Dragon is already a proven solution for many legal professionals who rely on the written word for their livelihood,” said Derek Austin, Director, Dragon Solutions Asia Pacific. 

“With Dragon Legal Australian, it is simple for law firms and legal departments to extend the benefits of Dragon, including fast and accurate dictation and transcription, the ability to share custom legal terminology, and integration with existing workflows, to employees to ultimately increase time spent with clients and on billable work.”

Streamline document creation

Mr Austine says Dragon Legal Australian is the most productive way for lawyers and legal practices to streamline document creation. “Dragon Legal speech recognition is personal to each speaker, taking into account how you sound and what you say.

“The Dragon Australian Legal vocabularies boosts recognition accuracy for legal professionals from the first day of using Dragon and helps new staff members to be productive immediately.

“The latest version of the product makes it easy for the firm to centrally administer Dragon users and maximise productivity across the organisation.”

Where can I buy it?

Dragon Legal Australian is now available in Australian English for PC users through Nuance’s approved partners. The suggested recommended price starts from $1,175 with volume discounts for five or more licenses. Upgrades from other Dragon editions are available.

For more information and to purchase Dragon Legal Australian, visit: 

Nuance Communications is a leading provider of voice and language solutions for businesses and consumers around the world.


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