New documentation solution pays healthy dividends for Blackmores

New documentation solution pays healthy dividends for Blackmores  article image

Preparation of export documentation can be time consuming, costly and prone to human errors.

Slow and inaccurate data transfer can cause costly delays for exporters, so it’s vital to get it right.

Many Australian companies are still preparing documentation manually – but now there’s a much easier way.

Australian-owned company ImpexDocs has developed a Cloud-based solution to assist exporters in obtaining and lodging vital documents.

The software generates all the necessary documents required in a typical export shipment in a Standard UN layout format, including commercial invoice, packing lists, bank draft and proforma.

ImpexDocs’ one-stop shop solution includes Health/Phytosanitary Certificates, Certificates of Origin, Export Declaration Numbers, Commercial Export Documents and Pre-Receival Advice.

No software to install

All documents can be prepared and accessed over the internet. There is no software to install and the program works on all popular internet browsers.

Many of Australia’s leading companies are now using this innovative service, including Blackmores, Australia’s leading natural health company.

“Blackmores’ export operations now extend across many countries,” says Blackmores’ Export Manager Alvin Chan.

The Blackmores Group reaches consumers in 17 markets including key Asian markets in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

For the tenth consecutive year Blackmores, an ASX 200 publicly-listed company with 1,200 employees, was named Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brand (Australia, Malaysia and Singapore) in the Vitamins & Supplements category.

Time-consuming process

A winner of numerous state and national export and sustainability awards, about 50 percent of the company’s revenue is derived from exports.

“Most of our documentation is prepared for the vitamins and supplement products sent to Asian markets – and each country has different requirements,” says Mr Chan.

Each country requires special permits and regulatory approvals.

“Previously, all of our documentation was done manually, which was a time-consuming process for staff, he says.

“But for the past year we’ve been using the web-based solution from ImpexDocs and this has certainly helped to simplify the process.

Greater accuracy

“All the information is now uploaded to the Cloud which has resulted in significant time and cost savings.

“It’s also improved the accuracy with the number of errors now reduced considerably.”

Mr Chan says the Cloud Based software solution has meant staff can now process more documents in less time – and expensive data entry errors are now minimised.

“The software is especially beneficial for businesses exporting to a number of different destinations,” he says.

“It’s been great for our growing export business,” he said. “It has helped us to streamline our process.” 

For more information or to arrange a FREE trial visit: Impex Docs


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