How Dragon software can raise the bottom line for those in the financial sector

How Dragon software can raise the bottom line for those in the financial sector  article image

Finance andaccounting professionals are increasingly faced with the need to meet growing compliance mandates, reduce costs and improve client services.

Speech recognition solutions such as Nuance’s Dragon can help accountants work better, faster and smarter to realise these goals because they help you power through your documentation work.

Nuance’s Dragon Professional software for Windows systems understands the sound of your voice and the language you use to transform spoken words into text to create more detailed, compliant documentation, faster than ever before.

By simply using your voice, you can create reports, documents and other paperwork three times faster than by keyboarding – with up to 99% accuracy.

As Dragon leverages the latest in Deep Learning technology, it constantly learns and adapts to your unique voice and environmental variations.

The speed and precision of Dragon helps save you time and money while increasing your productivity.

Most importantly, it lets you focus on what matters most – delivering the best possible personalised client service.

Improving compliance

For many professionals capturing client conversations, disclosure regarding commissions and fees, and general client instructions is increasingly important so as to meet compliance requirements.

With Dragon, client communication and instructions can be documented immediately and accurately. You can then feed the information back into your CRM systems or simply maintain it within the relevant client file. The process also creates an auditable trail to help you keep track of communication and ensure compliance.

Working from anywhere at anytime

Some speech recognition solutions also let you keep up with financial and accounting documentation from any location.

Nuance’s mobile app, Dragon Anywhere, is powered by the Cloud, delivering speech recognition to Android and iOS mobile devices also. This means you can share documentation – by voice – directly on your device while you’re on the move.

Plus, with Dragon Anywhere you can also automatically transcribe recorded notes or voice files of another single speaker into text quickly and easily. This lets you record client conversations in real-time and then create detailed, personalised action plans at a time that suits you.

Improving the customer relationship                                                                                                 

As speech recognition solutions let you create high quality documents quickly and easily, you have more time to focus on what really matters – improving client responsiveness, adding value to your client relationships and growing your customer base.

Increasing productivity                                                                                                                              

Further, the ability to document all client interaction accurately and in detail, aids transparency. At the touch of a button you can see exactly what was discussed and agreed so as to avoid any miscommunication that may erode client trust.

By using your voice, you can also complete other daily tasks faster including setting up meetings, managing emails, creating spreadsheets and preparing client documents and presentations.

With Nuance you can save money and valuable time to focus more on building client relationships.

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