How Do You Choose the Right Export Management Software

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Australia has a highly detailed export process with a sophisticated web of documentation and compliance requirements. And manually managing the show, even with a team of expert and experienced documentation officers, can be overwhelming. As outlined in one of our previous posts, the challenges are significant, and the cost of sticking to manual process high.

So a cloud-based export management software is fast becoming a necessity for enterprises with handling a large volume of exports to different countries. But how do you actually choose the right one? What do you look for and how do you compare different options?

Well a quick 4-step process can be helpful here:

Map your requirements - Find out what is your current export management process, and which are the aspects that are most time consuming, or error-prone. Identify the tasks within the process that you would like to automate, and the kind of control and visibility you want into your export management process.

Create your checklist - Once you have your requirements, it’s time to list out the features and functionalities you want in your ideal software. Some of the key pointers that you would want to consider are:

  • Accuracy and efficiency in managing the entire documentation process
  • Ability to manage third party organizations, liaising, obtaining certificates, and sending documentation for smooth processing
  • Implementation of the software, and whether it works seamlessly against your IT infrastructure
  • Reporting and analysis for further process improvements
  • Compliance with export regulations, and data security
  • Level of technical assistance offered by your vendor, and the cost of support

Rate your options - Once you have a checklist, you can compare the features and functionalities offered by competition export management solutions against it. See which solution tick which boxes, and then map that against your budget layout for such a solution. This process will you give you your top three or four contenders.

Make your choice - Experience each alternative software hands-on to ensure they meet your requirements. It can include a demo or a trial of 15-30 days of the software. And based on that, you can select the software that best fits your needs.

For Australian exporters, there are quite a few export management software solutions in the market, with ImpexDocs being one of the leading ones. A cloud-based export management software, ImpexDocs solutions can bring in some significant benefits:

  • Time and cost savings- With digitized process and automated actions, ImpexDocs helps you cut down documentation time per shipment from 4 hours to a mere 40 minutes. Your consignments always have the right documentation, ready to ship out on time, and delivered on time.
  • Reduced errors - Since documentation is no longer manual, chances of human errors are near zero, minimizing possible delays, fines and unhappy customers etc.
  • High flexibility - Using a cloud based software lets you save all trade related information, and access them anytime, from anywhere
  • Improved communication - Your team is no longer stuck communicating with the certificate-granting authorities and other stakeholders, trying to get permits and documents on time. All communication for permits, Certificate of Origin, Pre-Receival number etc is handled by the software.
  • Status monitoring - You can keep track of the export documentation and processes with ease, without having to open multiple folders on multiple systems.
  • Better data management and reporting - The right cloud-based export management software ensures data storage centrally for easy access, and further analysis.
  • Support - ImpexDocs teams provide support during and post the implementation process, with well documented response time and even extend support on weekends basis the severity of the issue.

Some of Australia’s largest exporters, Agracom and Blackmores have streamlined their export operations and realised healthy profits with ImpexDocs solutions. While Agracom has found great value in reduced manual errors and increased visibility and tracking of the export process, the Blackmores team was able to bring down the time and effort needed to prepare accurate and timely export documentation.

The ImpexDocs solution brings in founder and his team’s two decades of experience in the international trade and logistics arena, to offer a comprehensive, secure and compliant export management software. But if you wish to completely outsource your export management operations, ImpexDocs’ expert team can handle that for you as well.

While ImpexDocs is currently focussing on the domestic market, they are also chalking up ambitious plans to launch similar solutions tailored for the US and UK markets.


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