Hiring disconnect: Is your business caught in its grip?

Hiring disconnect: Is your business caught in its grip? article image

Corporate hiring disconnect or CHD is a relatively recent phenomena. Many businesses suffer from it.

It can sap the vitality of any organisation and send any system of organisational structure and development into a downward spiral. Sales, profits and any hope of continuous business growth will be undermined by it.

Is your organisation caught in the grip of corporate hiring disconnect (CHD)?

To find out ask these four questions:

  • When your company prepares a position description and/or places and advert for an executive hire does the job criteria contain credentials, qualifications and experience in excess of the person the role reports to and in excess of any peers and colleagues the new hire would be required to work with?
  • Do any of the existing departmental employees meet the criteria listed in the advert or position description.  How many current employees could apply for the job and meet all or most of the stated criteria?  
  • Does the person who is eventually hired meet little or none of the listed and advertised job criteria?
  • Do you pass some or most of the responsibility for the hiring decision to psyche tests, profiling software and/or role play games?

If you answered yes to any of these four questions you have a hiring disconnect issue where the actuality, the process and the intent of the hiring process diverge in conflicting directions.

Remedy within reach

This CHD divergence is rather like the effect of barnacles and seaweed on the hull of a boat.

The boat gradually goes slower and slower until a major effort and expenditure of energy is required to achieve any forward momentum at all.

The remedy to CHD is within reach. HR policies and procedures can be reviewed and rewritten.

Similarly training and orientation courses can be provided. Moreover, executive interviewing and interview process is often more nuanced than many imagine and so a separate induction and training course is worthwhile.

Once CHD has been identified in your organisation the imperative is to restore the synchronicity between hiring requirements, hiring process, practical realities and worthwhile final outcome.

David Gray is lead consultant at BizTechWrite supplier of policy and procedure documentation along with learning aids and practical training courses in executive interviewing. He can be contacted on 0458 701 990 or


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