Here’s a smart new way to connect with Chinese shoppers

Here’s a smart new way to connect with Chinese shoppers  article image

How would your business like to connect directly with Chinese consumers – both online and in retail outlets?

Well, now you can.

Australia fintech company AirPay Financial Technologies has partnered with leading China mobile payment technology company SwiftPass to connect Australian merchants directly with Chinese consumers.

Through a new lifestyle brand called AirPass, local businesses can now accept WeChat Pay and Alipay both online and offline. WeChat Pay, with more than 800 million users and Alipay (more than 600 million users) are China’s leading mobile payment solutions.

With AirPass Australian retailers and brands can set up their own WeChat eStores to tap into Chinese social marketing channels reaching Chinese communities across the globe.

The new brand brings China's most popular ePayment, eStore, eCard, eMarketing and eWallet services to Australia, allowing Chinese tourists, students and migrants to make over the counter purchases by simply scanning a QR code on their smartphone.

The payment platform can also be integrated into Australian e-commerce websites and mobile apps, taking advantage of AsiaPay's PayDollar payment gateway.

Supporting multiple shopping cart plugins, PayDollar provides a one-stop online payment solution allowing local merchants to accept Alipay, WeChat Pay, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, PayPal and ZipPay. 

Building your own eStore

"AirPass is providing a user-friendly platform for Australian retailers to build their own eStore to facilitate marketing and payment – the key to entering the Chinese consumer market," says SwiftPass Technologies VP Tong Liu.

The AirPass app for iOS and Android lets Australian retailers connect directly with Chinese shoppers.

AirPass assists Australian retailers and brands with setting up their own WeChat eStore to tap into Chinese social marketing channels. This allows local retailers to sell products via the WeChat ecosystem, reaching new customers in China along with Chinese communities around the globe.

AirPass' arrival in Australia comes as Boxing Day saw record high sales to Chinese shoppers across major retailers and shopping centre groups. 

Huge demand

"We are thrilled to announce our regional partnership with SwiftPass and recently launch WeChat Pay and Alipay to Australia's largest and oldest pearling company Paspaley," says AirPay Financial Technologies chief executive Jimmy Zhu. "There is huge demand from the market pushing us to deliver more advanced payment and marketing products."

Another Australian family-owned luxury retailer, Harrolds recently launched a WeChat Official Account and will soon accept WeChat Pay and Alipay in-store.

Other luxury brands such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Valentino, Mulberry, Givenchy, Off-White, Marais, Furla, Folli Follie and Sneakerboy are also adopting the AirPass platform in order to better reach Chinese shoppers.


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