Here’s a much easier way to prepare export documents

Here’s a much easier way to prepare export documents article image

International trade can be a complex process and it’s often difficult to manage.

Australian exporters are faced with a raft of documents, permits and regulatory approvals.

They also need the co-operation of trading partners and associated service providers to move goods and documents efficiently across the globe.

Often there are long lead times on documentation and physical shipments are impeded by slow and inaccurate data transfer.

Delays can prove costly for exporters – it’s therefore vital to get it right.

Preparing export documentation can be time consuming and is prone to human errors.

Now, there’s a much easier way.

ImpexDocs is an Australian company that provides an ideal documentation solution for exporters and forwarders.

Their innovative software helps reduce documentation costs, minimise costly mistakes and streamlines the export process.

One-stop shop solution

“It’s clear the export community needs a system to streamline the export logistics, documentation and compliance process to reduce complexity,” says ImpexDocs  co-founder and CEO Manish Desai.

“We provide a cloud-based solution that gives exporters everything they need to streamline their operations.”

ImpexDocs offers a one-stop shop solution to assist exporters in obtaining vital documents including Health/Phytosanitary Certificates, Certificates of Origin, Export Declaration Numbers, Commercial Export Documents and Pre-Receival Advice.

The software generates all the necessary documents required in a typical export shipment in a Standard UN layout format, including commercial invoice, packing lists, bank draft and proforma.

Established in 2003, ImpexDocs is a wholly owned Australian company with an impressive track record in helping clients to streamline their export processes and regulatory approvals.

Cost savings

Its client list reads like a who’s who of Australian exports, including Blackmores, GrainCorp, Fruit King, Agracom, Phoenix Commodities, Toll, DB Schenker and Inchcape Shipping.

ImpexDocs software reduces human errors, speeds up documentation process and saves documentation costs,” says Mr Desai.

“Exporters must ensure their documentation is right so that goods are not delayed at the destination – and to ensure they are paid on time.

“Our software helps exporters to operate in a more structured manner.

“It not only saves exporters valuable time and money, it also helps to improve their cash flow.”

Greater flexibility

And being a cloud-based solution it gives exporters greater flexibility and convenience.

“Cloud solutions or cloud computing is all about accessing your applications over the internet rather than downloading them to your PC,” says Mr Desai.

“Cloud solutions are getting popular by the day due to their efficiency and reliability factors.

“All the documents can be prepared and accessed over the internet. There is no software to install and it works on all popular internet browsers.”

But the company’s biggest advantage is its one-stop shop service.

“Other companies offer exporters point-based solutions such as customs or quarantine services,” says Mr Desai.

“At ImpexDocs we provide a total solution – everything an exporter needs in one place.”

Prevent high error rates

Mr Desai says most exporters are still using paper-based documentation, which results in significant impediments to the efficiency of the overall export process. 

“There is a high volume of repeated, manual processing of documents resulting in high error rates,” he says.

With ImpexDocs exporters can choose from a do-it-yourself (DIY) cloud-based software solution or an Agency Service if they don’t want the hassle of doing it themselves.

Under the second option export documentation is outsourced using the expertise and skills of the ImpexDocs team.

ImpexDocs is registered as an EXDOC software supplier with the Department of Agriculture for all the commodities covered by EXDOC and is also registered with Australian Customs Service (ACS) as a software developer.

Mr Desai outlined the company’s ambitious plans to expand its services in key markets internationally.

“The domestic market remains our key focus, but to take our company to the next level we need to take our model beyond Australia, he said.

“So, our next step will be to introduce our export documentation software into countries with similar operating and compliance regime to Australia, including the US, UK, South Africa and Singapore.” 

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