Ground breaking new Aussie excavator goes global

Ground breaking new Aussie excavator goes global article image

NSW rural based innovator and manufacturer FlipScreen is exporting its excavator bucket attachments across the globe.

This is a story of Australian practical engineering ingenuity and business success that should be told to every trades apprentice and in every technical school in Australia.

Great ideas can potentially lead to great technology that solves real challenges and in turn leads to great commercial success.

Today FlipScreen has sold almost 1,000 bucket attach units with customers in Australia, Europe, US, Asia and even in Antarctica.

The FlipScreen factory employs more than 25 skilled employees and over the years R&D budgets can be figured in the millions.  A few years ago an office was opened in the United States. 

FlipScreenproducts are suitable for excavators and loaders up to 45 tonnes.

Great thought has gone into developing FlipScreen products.

For example:

  • Operators can see the bucket edge from the cabin
  • Smart valve technology delivers a wide range of hydraulic settings
  • Screens can be easily changed – hitching and fitting is simple

Seeing the latest FlipScreen technology in action at a work site is a site to behold for any landscaper, construction manager, mine operator, earthworks contractor, demolition engineer, environmental recycler or builders needing to screen “consistent” fill from site rubble.

Like all great ideas translated to practical reality the clean simplicity of the screening solution has instant appeal.

An excavator or loader operator attaches the FlipScreen bucket to the excavator an operation that can be performed by an experienced operator in three minutes. Screening media can be changed in five minutes.

Uses and applications are expanding

Once attached, the excavator operator can use it like any normal bucket and cut a load then rotate the bucket on its axis screening and separating the excavated materials such as soil from rock, rock from sand, shells from sand, concrete from soil and the like.

FlipScreen products are used in many of Australia’s biggest civil and mining projects, including Sydney’s Lane Cove tunnel – the gold standard public project of its day.

And uses and applications are continually expanding. They now include defence industry applications – specifically mine clearing and safe explosives detonation.

And the future is bright. New products include rock crushing and screening and further R&D intensive solutions to defence, mining and construction industry challenges.

FlipScreen’s products are changingthe way we see and perceive site based material screening in Australia and across the globe. 

David Gray is lead consultant at Digital Information Partners providers of media, publicity services, export documentation services.


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