E-learning: the new buzz for exporters

E-learning: the new buzz for exporters article image

For exporters producing hi-tech products such as software and other IT goods and services the challenge quickly becomes how to train or educate user-operators and target training resources to the reseller and user base generally.

If users are not using your product to its most desirable effect of failing to optimise the user experience the result will be poor sales and an expensive public relations campaign to recover your market position.

On-line E-Learning is the new buzz.

It is a way to train, educate or teach users and all those technically involved in the point of manufacture to point of sale supply chain.

It may be applied for training programmers or technical support officers, to provide abundant resources to field trainers or to provide comprehensive help resources for users and developers.

Applications could also include installation and maintenance procedures, field troubleshooting, safety standards and so on.

Interactive online courses

We are often asked by clients to develop unique and imaginative voice/video e-learning materials that best suit the client’s needs, the needs of their customer or user base, budgets and the client business model.

These E-learning services can range full video and voice productions, interactive on-line modular courses from beginner to advanced and exercises including validation all supported by full and comprehensive documentation including all web content.

They are also fully supported by powerful analytics and reporting tools.

Not only can client take better control of trainer travelling and training costs, but also produce a better quality and standard of knowledge management and a greatly enhanced user experience.

David Gray is lead consultant at BizTechWrite (BTW) which offers comprehensive technical on-Line E-learning services, course development, learning management systems, web content and support. David can be contacted at


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