Dragon’s new voice recognition tool delivers greater accuracy and performance

Dragon’s new voice recognition tool delivers greater accuracy and performance article image

If you’re one of those people like me that needs more hours in a day to get things done, then this software is for you.

Dragon’s speech recognition software is designed to help you work smarter – and faster.

The technology, developed by Nuance, a global leader in business software, has been around for several years now – and it keeps evolving and improving.

Earlier this year Nuance launched the latest version – Dragon Professional Individual for Mac v6.

Dragon Mac v6 is a smarter next-generation speech recognition solution aimed at maximising your productivity. It provides busy professionals with fast, accurate dictation and high-performance speech recognition features, such as custom vocabulary and commands.

Building on the changes made to the speech recognition engine in Dragon 5, Nuance has improved Dragon’s performance across the board.

The new Version 6 is a quantum leap forward in accuracy and performance for users.

With this software you can quickly dictate and edit documents and reports, send emails and notes, or create and fill out forms within the latest Mac applications – all by voice.

Accuracy improvements

Dragon’s latest Deep Learning technology constantly learns and adapts to your unique voice and environmental variations – even while you’re dictating.

The latest version boasts accuracy improvements of up to 10% over previous versions and across-the-board enhancements, including transcription features, broader application support, and improved help.

I’ve been using Dragon 6 for a couple of weeks now, and I’ve been impressed by its improved accuracy and speed.

With the new version I found there are fewer corrections – particularly with smaller words such as prepositions and adverbs.

And Nuance has simplified the Dragon interface. The status bar is smaller, and the correction window is separate, making these two items easy to position on your screen.Dragon for Mac V6

Formatting for numbers, times, and amounts has also been improved – saving precious time. 

Inserting text into documents

With Dragon v6 you can now mix dictating and typing in certain applications, which was difficult to do with previous Mac versions.

Before, if you dictated a couple of sentences, then typed or pasted something, Dragon lost track of the text and the position of the cursor in the document, making it harder to edit text.

And in the new version you can insert text into documents more quickly – and keep track of what words are in a document, and where they are.

The new batch transcription feature worked well for me. You can dictate onto an iPhone, upload the results to Dropbox and then get the speech files turned into text. This is an extremely useful feature.

With Dragon 6 the only downside is you still can’t train it to learn new words and phrases from your transcription files. But this by no means a deal-breaker.

Overall, to be able to sit back and talk to your Mac and have the words instantly appear on the screen is a huge bonus – especially for those of us with a hectic lifestyle.

It’s definitely worth checking out.

Nuance Dragon Professional Individual for Mac v6 is available as a digital download or in a box pack from $475 at:


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