Australian supply chain software company winning exports in Asia and US

Australian supply chain software company winning exports in Asia and US article image

Australian software development married with Aussie organisational innovations may be changing the landscape as to how we view supply chain management in a high value add manufacturing environment.

Sydney based Prophit Systems has developed a suite of unique supply chain solutions where software and organisational development seamlessly combine to unlock the full profit potential of the most advanced  supply chain planning.

To take these powerful solutions to an even higher level, Prophit Systems has the proven ability to deliver partially bespoke supply chain configurations to integrate with almost any existing ERP system or to create a fully bespoke system tailored exactly to client technical, physical and commercial requirements.

The solutions and services provided by Prophit Systems reflect the changes that have occurred with supply chain and supply chain planning over the last few years. Supply chain with the mass scale manufacturing space was the low hanging fruit of the wider ERP universe.

With niche or smaller value add positioned manufacturing organisations the challenge was to develop adaptable supply chain solutions – not on a repetitive mass scale – but practical solutions for close knit teams of multi-skilled, interactive and multi-disciplined work groups.

Maximum value

Synthesising complexity and diversity into a seamless automated planning and manufacturing process solution perhaps best describes the customer value that Prophit Systems has developed and the market need these solutions address.

Complexities such as a widely dispersed and interwoven manufacturing and assembly supply chain are precisely among the challenges where Prophit solutions is designed to return maximum value.

Similarly, reporting and key data gathering tools provide a rich source of key decision making information  as procurement projections, just in time inventory, manufacturing input,  warehouse clearing and distribution are brought together into an information and planning beltway.

Prophit Systems solutions are not confined to metal based or heavy manufacturing.  Considerable success has been realised in the Packaging and Australian Dairy industry along with FMCG, smallgoods and chemicals as well as specialist distribution companies.

Highly skilled developers

To develop these products and systems has taken patience, focus, vision and investment.

In research and development alone Prophit Systems has spent $10 million and thousands of hours in Australia employing many highly skilled Australian software developers and supply chain planning and system designers.

Prophit Systems has also utilised minimal Government assistance with grants and R&D offsets. Most of the funds for growth have come from internal revenues.

A sure sign of success and a portent of much bigger things to come are the gaining of export orders.  Already Prophit Systems are recognised as tier one professionals across Asia and increasingly in North America. Export orders now equal 50% of total sales.

Illustrating Prophit Systems ongoing commitment to global expansion an office has recently been opened in Atlanta Georgia and early sales prospects are promising.

Powerful value proposition

With a new federal administration recently elected espousing policies to bring manufacturing back to the United States the days of third world cheap labour wage arbitrage may be coming to an end. The new watchwords of western manufacturing may very well be value-add, efficiency, planning, supply chain optimisation and organisational development.

It is here the Prophit systems has a powerful value proposition story to tell and American manufacturers are already listening closely.

For any manufacturing enterprise of substance it can take a little over 12 months to complete the cycle of presentations, meetings, costing and proof of concept before the decision to implement a Prophit systems solution begins.

Yet in most cases return on funds invested (ROI) is often achieved within 12 months from initial system roll out. Over the longer term returns on investment (ROI) can exceed 400%.

David Gray is lead consultant at Digital Information Partners


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