Aussie software leads the way in logistics and warehousing automation

Aussie software leads the way in logistics and warehousing automation article image

Local Australian materials transport and warehousing software developer CartonCloud is experiencing that sweet smell of commercial success as it launches the next exciting phase of business growth.

CEO and co-founder Vincent Fletcher impresses, demonstrates and exemplifies that modern sense of entrepreneurship, vision, prudence and focus so essential when creating a business from virtual scratch.

Today CartonCloud is amongst the market leaders in logistics warehousing and distribution software services for small to medium sized organisations.

Employing six full time software developers and planning to double the size of the development team in the next six months, CartonCloud is well on target to list more than 100 companies as customers by the end of the year.

As innovation, quality control and productive output are such a central part of the CartonCloud value proposition, Mr Fletcher is adamant the best results are gained by having all software coding work done in Australia with an integrated and committed team.

The company is already receiving significant interest from overseas based on a reputation for affordable quality and reliability.  Exports now equal almost one third of all sales.

The seriousness of the commitment made by CartonCloud to local product development is evidenced by R&D expenditures which today exceed $2.5 million and involve many thousands of hours.

Additional product development

Government grants and offsets have equated to almost $350,000 which Mr Fletcher cites as pivotal in his decision to commit to continue developing the very best home grown warehousing and logistics software in the market.

With additional product development already in the pipeline CartonCloud is on track to become the number one logistics and materials handling supplier within its market niche.

CartonCloud is focused on solving customers logistics challenges by perceiving and creating models that provide smooth cost effective freight flows and logistics - order processing workflow.

To give a sense of scale, right now CartonCloud processes around 120,000 deliveries each month, and is budgeting to invoice over $100 million in freight during the next 12 months. In May, CartonCloud celebrated its two millionth delivery through the robust CartonCloud platform.

CartonCloud has brought a service to the market at a price that delivers a clear business value proposition for small to medium sized customers. 

Automatic invoicing

Fully automating the job creation, POD and invoice processing functions, by allowing drivers to “Sign on Glass” with their mobile phones / tablets and automatically invoicing by seamlessly integrating with cloud-based accounting systems.

Warehouse jobs can be imported automatically, selecting warehouse stock based on steps and guides. The jobs are then sent direct to operators on the warehouse floor complete with the most efficient sequence of picking.

From here, the operator can bulk-pick, scan barcodes or perform any other function associated with the order. Upon completion, the client is automatically advised the job has been picked and they’re emailed the expected delivery date.

For drivers, a GPS based route optimisation plan is available to maximise on road delivery efficiency.

Australian based software logistics provider CartonCloud are Aussie innovators bringing together the hi-tech universe of leading edge software and communications functionality with the practical needs of materials handling.

CartonCloud is competing in a demanding market place and winning new customers every week by offering a better product, in a SaaS pricing model, removing the need for high up-front costs and contracts.

David Gray is lead consultant at Digital Information Partners, suppliers of media relations, press release campaigns and export documentation services to Australian manufactures and service providers.


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