Aussie company strikes paydirt with global mining software

Aussie company strikes paydirt with global mining software article image

Perth based Australian geo-scientific information management (GIM) software developer, acQuire has moved into pole position on a global stage by providing innovative “value proposition software” solutions to the mining and natural resources industry.

In a previous iteration acQuire began as a mining information consultancy nearly 20 years ago. 

The resources industry at the time was demanding better geoscientific information and the capacity to manage that information more efficiently. acQuire developed the professional software solutions to meet those needs.

Today, acQuire is on target to list 500 brand name customers, employs more than 100 people, has international offices in Africa and South America and exports equals 60% of total annual software licence sales.

acQuire is a great Australian mining technology and innovation success story. Last year acQuire received two awards for global technology and engineering innovation as well as being nominated as exporter of the year.

Geoscientific information is an absolutely pivotal aspect of mining exploration and the economics underpinning the wider natural resources industry. Sometimes referred to as earth science, geo-science includes the disciplines of mineralogy, geomorphology, geochemistry and structural geology.

Fundamental ‘go to’ dataset

The availability of quality Geoscientific data in a useable manageable structure, such as provided by acQuire, is often the fundamental ‘go to’ dataset for evaluating and initiating many mining exploration activities and the relative economics of initiating mining operations.

The geoscientific information provided by acQuire is instrumental in formulating a mining business case.  As the market price for minerals changes and longer term price trends become identifiable certain mining operations can be determined as viable relative to the extraction costs which also vary based on changing technology.

The information provided by Australian based acQuire brings together all the economic and logistical inputs to one report.

As mining company CEO’s and boards decide on pulling the trigger on the next big mining operation it may very well be an acQuire GIM report and solution they will be referring to.

A technical revolution has occurred in data storage technology which has caused more data to be stored than ever before. In the thirty years between 1987 and 2017 the relative cost of mass data storage has fallen dramatically.

Data management tools

It is now possible to store over 100 times more data today for the same price as in 1987.  All this additional information particularly in the information intensive mining industry requires effective data management tools.

It is this challenge that the acQuire product suite addresses.

With an R&D centre providing hi-tech jobs for thirty Australians, acQuire is committed to the long-term future of geoscientific information management.

Already an exciting new generation of acQuire software is on the drawing board with upgrades, enhancements and added benefits to further evolve the value proposition.

More than 25% of acQuire revenues are reinvested into R&D.

Technical and product support takes many forms at acQuire. Not only is on-line and telephone support available 24/7, but acQuire also works with and sponsors many user groups, forums and knowledge exchange bodies.

David Gray is lead consultant at Digital Information Partners.


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