Are you ready to go global?

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The decision to extend sales overseas is a logical and natural progression for many businesses.

The motivation to grow your business internationally can be triggered by an unsolicited request from an overseas company for a product/service, or the motivation could be the result of a considered decision to develop additional sales growth opportunities and profits through entering an international market.

Irrespective of whether the motivation is based on the “pull” of an enquiry or the “push” of an initiative to develop international sales, the first step should be to realistically review the resources available to develop and support international activity. 

The Export Council of Australia has launched a new contemporary online, interactive program for companies looking to start their journey of expanding into overseas markets. 

As part of the Going Global program you can learn more about whether you are ready to go global.  

Topics covered include:

  • The benefits of growing a global business 
  • Case Studies 
  • Getting started … Is going global right for you? 
  • Developing an international business plan and template 
  • Benefits of a written international business plan 
  • Introductory checklist 
  • SWOT analysis 
  • Product/ Service Readiness 
  • Help and advice is available

The Going Global program, developed in partnership with OpenLearning aims to help you to demystify developing your international business strategy. It arms you with the right skills and the right toolkit to embark confidently in the next stage of growing your business.




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