Education to strengthen Australia-Asia link

Education to strengthen Australia-Asia link article image

The Government has announced it will support student scholarships to broaden cultural understanding between Australia and Asia, one of only nine ideas from last year's G20 summit that have received public backing so far. More than 1,000 Australians gathered in Canberra last year to be part of the Australian 2020 Summit, designed to shape the future of Australia and explore new ways to meet the challenges that lie ahead. However, participants of last year’s G20 summit have been left cold by the Government’s response to the 962 ideas generated, deciding to only implement nine of the ideas. In addition to the scholarships, the Government supports:

  • A civilian organisation to assist in disaster relief overseas
  • $50 million towards the development of a bionic eye
  • A dedicated ABC Children’s Channel
  • An Indigenous Cultural Education and Knowledge Centre
  • Mentoring in the workplace to develop understanding between skilled mature age workers and the business community
  • A Business and School Connections roundtable to enhance opportunities for business and schools to partner together to improve educational outcomes
  • A Skills for Carbon Challenge initiative
  • A Vocational Education Broadband Network to build a single post-secondary high speed broadband network

The Rudd Government says it is still considering some of the other ideas and more forums will be held in the future.


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