Sweet smell of success for essential oil producer

Sweet smell of success for essential oil producer  article image

Atlas Pearls and Perfumes– asubsidiary of Essential Oils of Tasmania – has been offered a $1.1 million government grant to assist in expanding its export opportunities. 

The funding will lay the foundations for the establishment of an Australian perfume industry and will help to develop stronger agribusiness ties internationally. 

For more than 25 years, Essential Oils of Tasmania (EOT) has produced a diverse range of pure essential oils and fine plant extracts for the food, flavour and fragrance markets across the world. 

Located in Tasmania, EOT is surrounded by the great Southern Ocean and swept by the world’s cleanest air. 

With its warm dry summers and cool wet winters Tasmania is one of the world’s best regions to grow a range of essential oil crops. 

EOT has pioneered the production of a number of globally unique Australian native plant extracts. 

The $1,134,208 grant from Commercialisation Australia will support the commercialisation of its propriety innovative extraction technology as well as creating new regional jobs. 

It will also create new export opportunities and provide a boost to Australia’s agricultural and aquaculture industries. 

New export industry 

EOT plans to build and commission a new manufacturing facility for production of fragrance ingredients from Australian indigenous botanicals and marine (pearls and seaweed) and fungal products. 

It will be Australia's first Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) plant using CO2 for the extraction of ingredients and bioactive compounds. 

The centre will collaborate with global organisations in the luxury oils and perfume industry. 

EOT’s incoming managing director, Stephen Gleeson, who will manage the next stage of company growth, said the funding would help to create a substantial new export industry for Australia. 

“We will leverage these funds and make a significant investment into Tasmania that will benefit other perfume crops, creating new jobs and export revenues, Mr Gleeson said.  

“Our strategy allows us to produce luxury products at globally competitive costs to maximise our shareholder returns.” 

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