Sweet dreams: Aussie bedmaker helps China’s middle class sleep easy

Sweet dreams: Aussie bedmaker helps China’s middle class sleep easy article image

A.H. Beard, one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of quality handcrafted mattress and bedding, is expanding its operations in China.

Tomorrow the company will welcome franchisees from Shanghai Green China to its Sydney manufacturing facilities to celebrate a successful – and growing – partnership.

The franchisees will take part in a special tour of the facility at Padstow in southwest Sydney and see first-hand A.H. Beard’s master craftsmen in action.

Since launching in China in 2013, A.H. Beard has established 34 branded stores on the mainland and has doubled its revenue every year since it entered the market.

However, the company is not taking its success lying down.

It has ambitious plans to open another 100 stores in China in the next 5-10 years.

China is the biggest bedding market in the world, with A.H. Beard the first to market with handcrafted mattresses.

A.H. Beard’s made to order signature beds have been particularly appealing to Chinese consumers, with growing cynicism about local Chinese bed products.

Local consumers also have a growing trust in products certified "Australian Made".

Status among consumers

Each handcrafted bed is certified Australian Made and includes the signature of the bed’s Australian master craftsman.

There is a status among Chinese consumers when buying imported products. They particularly revere Australian made goods due to our strong and enforced consumer laws, our environment is more natural and less polluted than Europe – and we are a closer political friend than the US.

Also, China has educated buyers who are aware of the health benefits in buying a quality mattress.

The Chinese middle class especially regard sleep as a health pillar. They understand the importance of a good night’s sleep.

A.H. Beard recognises the Chinese market is very dynamic and as a supplier acknowledges the need to move fast and be agile.

Much of their success in China is because their beds are made to order, feature quality Australian components and the company maintains control over its supply chain.


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