Sigma pharmaceuticals targets China’s massive e-commerce market

Sigma pharmaceuticals targets China’s massive e-commerce market article image

To meet growing demand from Chinese consumers for high quality and ethical products from Australia, Sigma Pharmaceuticals has announced plans to target China’s booming online shopping market.

Sigma boasts the largest pharmacy network in Australia with over 1,200 branded and independent stores, including leading retail brands Amcal, Guardian, PharmaSave, Chemist King and Discount Drug Stores.

Sigma has selected Azoya, a company that helps overseas retailers break into China via cross-border e-commerce, to help establish a fully managed e-commerce platform.

Amcal is the first of Sigma’s leading Australian brands to go live with a Chinese e-commerce site.

“Given the language and cultural barriers, we wouldn’t have been able to fulfill our Chinese expansion plans without a local partner,” said Mark Hooper, CEO of Sigma Pharmaceuticals. “Azoya’s innovative ecommerce platform and expertise dispels our concerns over business expansion into a market we barely know.” 

The Chinese version of the Amcal online store launched earlier this month enables Chinese customers to choose from its range of products and place orders, which will be shipped from Australia.

Safety and quality issues

Azoya will provide marketing campaigns, customer relationship management (CRM) and customer service, among other operational work.

By using Azoya, Sigma has been able to avoid any frustrations arising from traditional international expansion, such as setting up local business entity, confusion over government policies and market adaptation.

“Deterred by safety and quality issues with domestic products, particularly for healthcare and food supplements, Chinese consumers are increasingly looking to Australia to buy directly through cross-border e-commerce,” said Don Zhao, co-founder and executive director at Azoya.

“We are excited to be able to offer leading Australian e-commerce businesses like Sigma with a cost-effective and risk-free approach to break into the Chinese market to meet growing demand from consumers.”

Sigma will also sell its products through Azoya’s proprietary cross-border online shopping platform, which provides another channel to sell to Chinese consumers.

Azoya prides itself as being the e-commerce leader that has signed exclusive agreements with the largest number of overseas retailers in China.


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