Promoting stronger agricultural ties with China

Promoting stronger agricultural ties with China article image

Australia is working closely with China to help improve food security and safety in both countries.

Assistant Agriculture Minister and Minister Assisting the Deputy Prime Minister, Luke Hartsuyker, was a special guest at the China Food Security and Food Safety Summit in Beijing this week to discuss agricultural reform.

Mr Hartsuyker attended the Summit as part of a visit to promote stronger agricultural ties with China.

“China and Australia are fortunate to share a close and cooperative relationship – especially when it comes to agriculture,” Mr Hartsuyker said.

“Both China and Australia place a high value on our agricultural sectors, and recognise the importance of agriculture in the wealth and way of life of our nations.

“We also understand that food security and food safety are enduring challenges of government – and will become increasingly important as global food demand continues to grow.”

Policies to increase productivity

Two-way agricultural trade between the two nations was worth $12.6 billion last financial year.

And global food consumption is projected to increase by 75 per cent between 2007 and 2050 – with almost half of this increase in demand to come from China.

“I commend China’s focus on putting in place economic and policy settings that will increase agricultural productivity and food security, to meet this challenge,” said Mr Hartsuyker.

“As a strong agricultural trading nation that has undertaken extensive agricultural reform, Australia is very pleased to contribute our insights and experience to this important discussion, and to work with China to strengthen its agriculture sector.”

Mr Hartsuyker said events like the China Food Security and Food Safety Summit provide a valuable opportunity for mutual learning and to benefit from each country’s experiences and insights. 

He looked forward to seeing continuing cooperation, collaboration and stronger ties between China and Australia to support growth, food security and prosperity for both our nations.


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