New range of Aussie made nutritional supplements set to go global

New range of Aussie made nutritional supplements set to go global article image

A leading Australian dairy-based powder manufacturing company has launched a new range of nutritional supplements for local and global markets.

Wellboost, based on the Queensland Gold Coast says the new range offers immune support and can also be used as a meal replacement.

The new product has been developed by the experts behind Frosty Boy Australia – a company well-known globally for its dessert and beverage powder base solutions.

Frosty Boy already ship products to 60 markets worldwide, including Asia and the Middle East.

It says the new Wellboost nutritional supplements are suitable for those who want to boost their health and well-being. They are also ideal for vulnerable groups such as remote or elderly communities.

Initial products include Wellboost Care Plus and Wellboost Immuno Plus, targeted toward the sectors of retail, such as chemists, aged and healthcare services, and QSR businesses, including healthfood cafes.

The food products will also be available for online sales direct to consumers, tapping into a $36.6 million wellbeing segment in Australia.

Extensive research

Launching the range was a 12-month research and development process, says Wellboost CEO Dirk Pretorius.

“Australian products are in demand and we can produce powder-based products, including supplements, as good as or better than what is currently in the market,” Mr Pretorius said.

“R&D began 12 months ago, however, when COVID-19 arrived, we accelerated the process to get it ready for the market to help communities that may not have access to immunity support supplements.

“COVID-19 was a massive shock to communities everywhere, changing the way we work, live and exercise. As society returns to normal, we are also expecting many to reconsider their health as a priority, and they may be looking for supplements to get back on track.”

Unique vitamins and minerals

Key ingredients in the range are Probiotics and Prebiotics, with 25 unique vitamins and minerals to deliver a nutritious meal replacement. These ingredients have been carefully selected as they are known to support a number of areas including muscle, bone, gut and immune health, all important to wellness.

The Immuno Plus range also includes Lactoferrin, a protein which may assist with combatting viral infections, the company says.

Wellboost brand spokesperson and advisor, Kate Di Prima, a leading dietitian, said the product is a “nutritionally complete drink designed to boost general wellbeing”.

“It’s pleasing to see a product that has been developed with the community in mind –Wellboost has been made in Australia for Australians by a team of experts,” she said.

“A product like Wellboost may assist those who struggle to incorporate adequate nutrition into their diet from food alone, which may include the more vulnerable members of our community.”

‘Great for gut health’

Ms Di Prima was particularly impressed by the Immuno Plus product.

The combination of Probiotics, Prebiotic Fibre and Lactoferrin is great for gut health, she says.

“The health of the gut plays an important role to overall health and is becoming an area of greater research as people become more aware of how important nutrition is to overall wellness.

“After such a challenging 2020 Wellboost will play an important role in supporting health within the community.”

Wellboost Care Plus is available in natural Vanilla and Chocolate flavours for mixing with water or low fat milk. It also comes in a Neutral flavour, so it can be added to food.

Wellboost Immuno Plus is available in Vanilla and Chocolate.

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