Like to learn more about trading with Vietnam?

Like to learn more about trading with Vietnam? article image

Would you like an opportunity to introduce your products to the Vietnamese market?

Austrade and the NSW Business Chamber are inviting Australian companies in the Food & Beverage sector to be part of a business delegation to Ho Chi Minh City next month.

This is an outstanding opportunity to showcase your products and know how to Vietnamese counterparts.

Delegates will meet face to face with pre-qualified distributors, partners and buyers in Vietnam.

Also, they will meet relevant Australian companies and contacts already established in Vietnam and learn about their experience in entering the Vietnamese market.

The program will consist of a 3-day mission starting off with a morning Market Briefing/ Information session, afternoon Food Product Show case and evening networking event with buyers and industry guests. Following this will be Tailored Meetings arranged per participant.

A visit to point of sales locations and factories in HCMC will take place as well as a closing night dinner. This covers Food Service, Retail and other areas specific to the focus of the delegates.

Who should attend

Australian suppliers of the following products are encouraged to attend:

  • Meat (beef and lamb, chilled and frozen) and other processed meats
  • Seafood ?
  • Dairy products ?
  • Horticultural products – particularly citrus and table grapes, taking into account market access limitations for fresh fruit since January 2015 ?
  • Confectionery, snack foods, and dry goods ?
  • Beer, soft drinks, juices ?
  • Consolidators ?
  • Other premium products (subject to a prior positive market assessment)

Why you should participate

The mission will:

  • Provide a first-hand opportunity to understand what is required to achieve a sustainable and long-term export business to Vietnam. ?
  • Provide a direct channel for you to promote your products to food industry contacts in Vietnam and seek commercial arrangements to supply the market. ?
  • Help you ascertain the sourcing needs of Vietnamese industry through direct engagement and promotions. ?
  • Raise public awareness of your high-quality Australian food and beverages through Australian food promotions organised by a number of participating retailers, five-star hotels and restaurants, and related public relations activities

Market research

Consumption patterns are changingin Vietnam – a nation with more than 90 million people – and a high-proportion of young people under 30 years of age.

Increasing disposable incomes, busier lifestyles and increasing Westernisation trends in the culture are driving significant changes in the market.

Demand for agricultural commodities and food products is growing strongly and domestic and foreign retailers and food and beverage outlets are needing more quality international products to meet local market demand.

French influences in food culture exist and the opportunities for foreign-supplied products continue to grow, particularly in the premium sectors.

The Vietnamese food retail sector is growingand expanding rapidly. The rapid growth of the fast food sector has increased the activity of businesses that service the industry including bakery, dairy, meat and poultry establishments.

Growth in tourism

Growth in the tourism industryhas also resulted in a high demand for beef, cheese, seafood, wine and seasonings which are used in western-style, Japanese, Korean and other international food outlets.

Nearly eight million international tourists visited Vietnam in 2015. Five-star hotels and resorts are prevalent and demand premium imported products to satisfy their growing international customer base.


Quality Australian food and beverage products will find good opportunities in the Vietnam market.

In particular, Australian exporters with established distribution in other parts of Asia will be well placed to enter the market. Exporters that are already selling to the larger retailers, food service outlets or hotels operating in the region should approach these customers to seek introductions to their local representatives or importers in Vietnam.

Newcomers to the market will need to secure a local import and distribution partner, as direct importation is uncommon. Finding the right partner is critical as many importers or distributors are small and specialised. Newcomers are encouraged to provide marketing and promotional support to their partners, and build relationships through face-to-face engagements. 

Free trade agreements are reducing the barriers for Australian companies to do business in many markets, including Vietnam. Over the next three years (2016-18), the import tariffs for many Australian food and beverage products to Vietnam will reduce to zero under the ASEAN- Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA). This agreement will lead to increased competition in the market and so it is timely to set up your distribution network in Vietnam as soon as possible.

The three-day Vietnam trade mission will be held from March 21-23.

For more information contact:

Gary Dawes (Trade Adviser, TradeStart Austrade/NSWBC)

Ph: 02 9525 0442



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