Leading skincare company expands its export footprint with new vegan range

Leading skincare company expands its export footprint with new vegan range article image

G&M Cosmetics, a leader in the Australian skincare industry, has acquired the P’URE Papaya Care skincare range – a favourite brand of US actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

Company management says the new acquisition will help increase G&M’s footprint in both local and export retail markets.

G&M Cosmetics is a family owned beauty empire that has been operating for over 23 years and is now a leading exporter of all-natural skincare products.

With a high-tech manufacturing facility in southern Sydney G&M products can be found in more than 35,000 retail locations worldwide.

G&M produces over 120,000 units of products per day and has sold over 70 million units globally.

According to Retail World Market Share, the company is among the Top 10 best-selling skincare brands in Australian supermarkets.

G&M Cosmetics is renowned for its affordable, high quality natural products in Australia and Asia Pacific.

Most trusted brand in China

G&M’s Australian Creams brand was voted the Most Trusted Australian Brand in China (Australian Brands in China Index 2018 - Monash University).

G&M Cosmetics’ ranges include Native Australian, Dr. V, Australian Creams, Australian Creams MKII – and now P’URE Papaya Care.

P’URE Papaya skincare is a unique Australian skincare range, used and loved by several celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow.

Its papaya-based range is made from the finest natural ingredients. It is the only range of its kind that is 100% Natural Certified with products suitable for vegans.

G&M Cosmetics were looking for a brand that would be a good cultural and natural fit to help the company achieve its expansion goals, says Zvonko Jordanov, Managing Director and Founder of G&M Cosmetics.

“We looked for a business with complimentary distribution channels that could expand our current network and customer base,” Mr Jordanov said.

Complimentary products

“P’URE Papaya Care skincare range has strong distribution in Europe whereas G&M Cosmetics has a strong network within Asia.

“This partnership is going to help us both expand into different channels, locally and internationally. The P’URE Papaya skincare range contains complimentary products to our current portfolio, so this acquisition diversifies our growing product offering and will help increase our customer reach.”

Mr Jordanov says P’URE’s values align intrinsically with G&M and he is excited at the opportunities the partnership will deliver.

G&M Cosmetics will manufacture the P’URE Papaya Care skincare range in their own GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified factory in Sydney to maintain full control over the production process and ensure the highest manufacturing standards.

Mr Jordanov says it is important for G&M Cosmetics to find a brand that is on trend with changing market demands in Australia and internationally.

“We felt that the P’URE Papaya Care brand, with its vegan and certified natural products, is exactly what consumers want now and is well placed to be at the forefront of this change.”

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