How Australian exporters can improve their negotiations skills

How Australian exporters can improve their negotiations skills article image

The opportunities for Australian exporters selling to Asia have reached new heights in 2016 with the implementation of free trade agreements recently inked with major trading partners China, Korea and Japan.

The growing middle classes in China and other parts of Asia have spurred enormous interest in Australia’s clean, green products, with the local agrifood sector seeing increased sales across the region.

This success has been built not only on high-quality products, but strong relationships and negotiation skills. The latter, in particular, is crucial when entering a new market.

Negotiating with counterparts in Asia requires a strong understanding of how process, commercial issues and culture impacts negotiation styles.

Australian exporters need to ask: what processes can be adopted to achieve mutual gains with my Asian counterpart? How is their culture affecting their approach to negotiations? How can I plan for lengthy multi-stage negotiations?

The Asialink Business Negotiations and Influence in Asian Contexts training program helps you to collaborate, negotiate and resolve conflict when doing business in Asia.

Practical four-step methodology

It is a practical, participatory two-day program combining global perspectives on cross-cultural negotiation with Australian executive insights and reflections from Asian counterparts.

The program incorporates the Consensus Building Institute’s world-leading Mutual Gains Approach, built in partnership with faculty from Harvard and MIT. It utilises a practical four-step methodology for improving negotiation results in Asian contexts.

Participants will learn how to implement the Mutual Gains Approach, and will build skills for negotiating and influencing decision-making in Asian contexts.

The course will be co-facilitated by Asialink Business CEO Mukund Narayanamurti and Harvard Law School Fellow Andrew Wei-Min Lee, who both have extensive senior negotiation experience in Asia.

“The program is ideal for Australian exporters who are looking to develop a comprehensive framework for succeeding at the negotiation table in Asia. You will come out of it with a set of practical skills that will enable you to achieve mutually beneficial business outcomes,” Narayanamurti said.

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