Healthy increase in celery exports

Healthy increase in celery exports article image

Australian celery exports have risen by more than 172 per cent in three years, according to new data. 

Figures released by Global Trade Atlas and the Australian Bureau of Statistics and published by AUSVEG show an increase in value of celery exports of more than $1.66 million in the past three years.

The figures cover the period 2011-12 to 2014-15.

AUSVEG Economist Andrew Kruup said the rise in the value of celery exports could be attributed to the weaker Australian dollar and an increased interest from key markets.

“The export market for Australian fresh celery is experiencing a strong upward trend over the past four years,” Mr Kruup said.

Largest export markets

“This large-scale export growth can be partly attributed to the 12.58 per cent decline in the value of the Australian dollar over the same period.”

Malaysia and Singapore are Australia’s largest export markets for fresh celery, holding a combined 84.87 per cent share of exports for 2014-15.

Projections published recently by ABARES show overall vegetable exports will continue to grow by a further $126 million until 2020-21.

“The future outlook for the Australian vegetable industry looks positive,” Mr Kruup said.

“Expanding export markets and reducing on-farm costs are important ways to ensure our industry remains economically viable against global competitors.”


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