Government invests $500,000 to boost Aussie cider exports

Government invests $500,000 to boost Aussie cider exports article image

The Australian Government is investing $500,000 in the craft cider industry over the next two years in a marketing strategy aimed at boosting exports.

The funding is part of the $50 million Export and Regional Wine Support Package announced earlier this year.

The aim is to take craft cider businesses to the next level by building knowledge of potential export markets and developing improved understanding for accessing those markets.

As part of the new marketing campaign Agriculture Minister David Littleproud has announced the launch of Cider Australia’s “100% Australian grown” trust mark.

Mr Littleproud said the new mark would boost Australian craft cider sales around the world.

“The trust mark is a mark of quality and we are the first country to have one,” he said.

“Australia is known for producing the best food in the world and now our cider makers can take advantage of that reputation.

“This is another way we’re showing customers they’re getting quality Aussie produce.

“This will put more demand on Aussie apples and pears, so growers can make a quid.”

Integrity and trust

Mr Littleproud said the new trust mark would empower consumers to support Aussie farmers.

“This will show the Australian cider industry has integrity and drinkers can trust it.

Cider Australia and Wine Australia have been working closely to launch the brand proposition which was announced at the eighth annual Australian Cider Awards in Sydney last week, the largest cider show in Australia.

They have engaged internationally experienced brand strategist, Guy Taylor, to develop a brand proposition to market Australian craft cider internationally that can be leveraged by Australian cider producers.

Taylor is urging craft cider producers across the country to get their ideas and opinions on the “story” of Australian craft cider.

A further step will be to develop a Go-To-Market strategy and a toolkit to assist producers to understand prospective export markets and navigate the rules and complexities associated with exporting to those markets.

International reputation

The Australian wine sector has developed an international reputation and exports 61 per cent of its production.

The Australian craft cider industry also has the potential to achieve growth through building export markets, says Wine Australia, which is administering the $50 million package for the wine and cider industries.

Regular updates on the cider program and information on opportunities to contribute will be posted on the Cider Australia website.

Australian “craft” cider is cider produced in Australia using fresh Australian fruit ingredients.

Less than 15 per cent of Australia’s cider market comprises craft ciders made with 100% Australian grown fruit.

The new program is designed to deliver the following outcomes for cider producers:

  • Industry support of the brand and strategy
  • Increase the number of producers exporting from 7 to 20, and
  • Increase export revenue from $16.5m to $20m by 2019-20


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