Fresh NSW oysters on the menu in Asia

Fresh NSW oysters on the menu in Asia article image

Food lovers across Asia can now enjoy fresh NSW oysters – less than 30 hours after the produce is harvested.

And NSW oyster exporters are now catering to China’s growing appetite for fresh, seasonal produce.

NSW Trade Minister Stuart Ayres said Australia’s Oyster Coast, a NSW based company, has experienced great success with exports to Hong Kong and Singapore.

“And we are proud to see this thriving local company take its produce to China,” he said following a recent NSW trade mission to the world’s second largest economy.

Australia’s Oyster Coast has developed a streamlined supply chain, which enables the delivery of oysters to customers within 30 hours of being harvested.

“This means that oysters, which were growing in the estuaries of NSW one morning, can be presented for dinner service at a restaurant in Asia the next day,” Mr Ayres said.

Australia’s Oyster Coast encompasses 45 leading Australian oyster growers across eight estuaries south of Sydney, and produces the Sydney Rock Oyster, the rare Angasi “flat oyster” and the Pacific Oyster.

In Guangzhou, China’s seafood capital, Oyster Coast premium-grade fresh oysters have now made their way on to the menus of high-end restaurants such as Chaofood and Mong Kok Oyster Bar.

Oyster production is worth more than $35 million to NSW annually.


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