EU chief agrees to Brexit extension

EU chief agrees to Brexit extension article image

The EU has agreed to delay Brexit until January 31, 2020 – just three days before Britain was scheduled to leave the EU.

A tweet from the European Council president Donald Tusk said the bloc would allow a "flextension".

Mr Tusk indicated the decision would to be formalised in writing.

The announcement came as European Union diplomats met in Brussels to sign off on the new delay to Britain's departure from the bloc.

It's the second time the Brexit deadline has been changed since the 2016 referendum on Britain's departure from the EU.

In London, British politicians are set to vote on whether to hold an early election to try to break the country's deadlock over Brexit.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants a December 12 election, but looks unlikely to get the required support from two-thirds of lawmakers.

Two opposition parties plan to push for a December 9 election if Johnson's proposal fails.

France was initially reluctant to extend the Brexit deadline beyond its scheduled date of October 31, but the prospect of a new general election in Britain justifies a new delay.


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