Australia’s Tiger Tribe a roaring success in global toy jungle

Australia’s Tiger Tribe a roaring success in global toy jungle article image

Innovative Australian toy company Tiger Tribe has come a long way since its early days operating out of a family garage in Melbourne.

This month marks the company’s 10-year anniversary and wife and husband team Naomi and Anthony Green have every reason to celebrate.

Their cleverly designed and beautifully crafted children’s activity sets and toys are now available in more than 700 independent retail stores across Australia. Key customers include Seed, Myer and Kidstuff.

And after launching a successful international business arm about three years ago their products can now also be found on the shelves of toy and gift shops in more than 36 countries around the world.

The company has enjoyed 15% year-on-year growth since opening it doors 10 years ago – and export sales have more than doubled in the past year.

Now operating from a 1100sqm complex in Melbourne, Tiger Tribe employs 16 staff.

Willingness to adapt and adjust

“We’re incredibly proud to reach this business anniversary milestone,” says co-founder Anthony Green. “And we are particularly pleased by the growth of our international business, which has doubled in the last 12 months.”

His wife Naomi, who is co-founder and head of product design, says part of Tiger Tribe’s on-going success is due to a willingness to adapt and adjust.

“When we started the business in 2007, our vision was to design great children’s gifts that were creative, engaging and affordable,” she says.

“We wanted to create things that our own kids would want to play with, products that tapped into a child’s imagination and sense of fun.

Over the past 10 years the product range has becoming increasingly well aligned with the demands and activities of modern families.

“We are keenly aware of the busy lives many families lead, Naomi says. “Physical portability to extend product use outside of the home, for example in cafés, or when traveling is paramount.”

Antidote to screen time

The last decade has seen a digital revolution in terms of games, social media and apps for kids.

“The fact that we share a 10th birthday with the iPhone is not lost on us,” says Anthony.

“We try to offer an antidote to screen time which seems to occupy so much of children’s playtime. We listen to parents who worry about this. Our products are designed to ‘un-plug’ kids, to help them play more – to interact with each other, and drive their own real creative experiences.”

Tiger Tribes main export markets include NZ, US, Canada, Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain Portugal, Greece, Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, South Africa, Russia and Israel.

Last financial year the company reached over $1million in export sales, which represents more than 25% of its total revenue.

“We are forecasting for solid growth as we start to work with larger retail groups,” Anthony says.

Biggest challengeTigerTribe_Anthony and Naomi (1)

Tiger Tribe’s biggest export challenge is to offer a wide range of products exported from its Chinese manufactures on a regular basis.

“We have spent many hours planning production schedules so that we can support and service all export partners,” says Anthony.

Similarly, Tiger Tribe’s design team is now very busy designing product and packaging that is suitable for all partners.

“This has required a lot more product testing and has resulted in a complete overhaul of our packaging design,” Naomi says. “New warnings have been added so that we are compliant in all markets.”

Tiger Tribe’s top 5 selling export items match its top selling items in Australia. This includes two colouring sets (Forest Fairy & Dinosaur), How to draw – Animals, Paper Dolls – Vintage and a Card Making Kit.?

This month Tiger Tribe will launch 30 new products at the Reed Gift Fair in Melbourne.?

And to kick off its anniversary celebrations Tiger Tribeis planninga mega giveaway – the biggest in its 10 year history – launching today through its social media network. 

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08 Aug 2017
Fabulous darlings. Congratulations and Three Cheers.
Anthony Moss
08 Aug 2017
Congrats Naomi and Anthony - your now global success reflects your passion, personalities and determination!!

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