Australian high end toolmaker making its mark in India

Australian high end toolmaker making its mark in India article image

Situated at the manufacturing hub of western India, Aurangabad in Maharashtra, Aayudh Tools has been engaged in cutting tool manufacturing since 1990. 

Driven by a passionate and experienced professional Hemant Dadhe, the company has carved a niche for itself in the competitive Indian cutting tool market with its tailor made solutions and highly reliable tools.

After working with companies like TATA Motors (then TELCO) and Sandvik, Hemant Dadhe, started Aayudh Tools with a vision to become the most trusted cutting tool supplier in the domestic market.

“We started manufacturing HSS tools in 1990; from 1995 onwards the group progressed further by manufacturing Brazed Carbide Cutting tools. In 2003, we started manufacturing Solid Carbide Cutting Tools to cater to the growing needs of the manufacturing industry,” says Hemant Dadhe, Founder & Director, Aayudh Tools.

Indian manufacturing industry was scaling new heights and witnessed huge demand from automotive and infrastructure sectors. It also prompted several global OEMs to set shop in India. As the FDI was increasing in the country, the demand for high precision tools was also in constant demand.

High expectations

“During 2009-10 we were catering to some global automotive OEMs and their expectations from the cutting tool supplier were very high,” recalls Hemant.

“We wanted to give our best but finding the right machine was increasingly becoming a challenge. There was a requirement for a machine that could provide us high repeatability and micron level accuracy, which our then set up was not able to meet. That is when we came across ANCA and made our first ANCA Purchase, TX7, a high-end CNC grinding machine.”

Talking about the benefits of ANCA machine, Hemant says: “ANCA helped us to achieve the much needed web-centrality. It means at the centre point of the tool there is a kind of web which is maintained at about 0.1 mm.

The centrality of that web compared to X & Y-axis needs to be controlled within 10 microns. When it’s controlled at the said parameter, the performance of the tool improves. This was something we were not able to achieve earlier. ANCA was able to deliver us the perfect geometry.” 

High accuracy and repeatability

One of the most important aspects when it comes to cutting tool business is repeatability of the performance, i.e. the first tool and the last tool should have the same kind of accuracy with exactly the same geometries.

“It might seem there is hardly any difference between the finish of mid-range machine and high-end machine, but the difference can be seen in the micron level. ANCA machines helped us to achieve high accuracy and repeatability.

“The minute difference in the geometries improves the lives of the tool and reliability, which is very important for us,” he adds.

Aayudh Tools boasts of about 350 customers and manufactures tools as per the customer’s demand. The company has developed over 40,000 varieties of tools to date. Their long list of happy customers includes large domestic and foreign automotive OEMs.

‘We couldn’t be happier’

With the help of ANCA’s MX5 and TX7, Aayudh Tools have increased productivity by about 30% and looking to enter new and challenging sectors like aerospace.

“The software team at ANCA is very experienced and has always helped us in design activities. Their open ended software is helpful in designing new tools especially for companies like us who makes only customized tools. Our suggestions were also implemented in the next version. We couldn’t be happier,” he adds.

Hemant says the Indian government has taken several initiatives to promote electric vehicles, which is expected to result in a significant drop in the demand for machining activities in the automotive industry.

“At the same time, we see great opportunity for die mould and aerospace industry in the country and we are prepared to face the change in demand.” 

Backed by technologies from ANCA, Aayudh Tools is well-equipped to serve the challenging aerospace and die mould industry.


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