Aussie innovator charges ahead in global electrical vehicle market

Aussie innovator charges ahead in global electrical vehicle market article image

When it comes to charging electric vehicle (EV) batteries, being a pioneer as well as a leading global brand is just the start for Brisbane based Tritium.

Perhaps once in a generation innovation occurs that redefines the landscape and how we think about what is possible, how we envision the future in a given market segment. It is in this context we can describe the achievements of Australian innovator Tritiumand their range of Veefillcar charging stations.

Not only is Tritium offering the most advanced EV battery charging technology available today, but it has also developed self-serve EV charging stations that integrate seamlessly into the local physical environment and surrounding commercial ambience. 

Tritium’s Veefill charging stations can be located in supermarket car parks, convenience store parking lots, shopping strips, gas stations, valet parking, office buildings and office car parks, public buildings, motels, roadside rest stops. 

Being certified as salt corrosion resistant the Veefill recharge unit can also be placed in marina’s and beachside parking lots as well as in snowfall areas where saline solutions are used to clear winter roadways.

Market leaders

Within the next three years the number of electronic vehicles on the road will increase to over six million with more than half of these being in the US.

Being market leaders at the forefront of this exciting technological revolution, Tritiummay be about to enter a phase of what many believe will be exponential commercial growth and with it a boom in exports.

Dr David Finn the CEO of Tritium believes the critical tipping point for electronic vehicle uptake will occur within the next few years and so do many of the industry watchers and experts. Tritium is in the technological and “product ready” sweet spot to take maximum commercial advantage of this this game-changing transition.

With over 800 Veefill units shipped from the Tritium facility in Brisbane consumer demand is already factoring in that another 1,000 units will be shipped in 2017. 

Sales across the product range over the next few years could very well number in the tens of thousands. International offices have been opened in the US and Europe.

Culture of innovation

Such advanced technology requires a solid commitment to R&D along with an ongoing culture of innovation. 

At Tritium the commitment to innovation and product quality never sleeps. While most of the funds to develop product had come from Tritium revenues and private investors, state and federal government assistance have been critical in meeting an R&D/commercialisation budget running into the multi million dollars.

Tritium currently has a team of over 70 professionals, and CEO David Finn is considering the positive possibilities of doubling team numbers over the next 12-18 months.

Many traineeships will also be included adding and developing hi-tech skills for young Australians.

Fast charge times

Already a new generation of products is on the drawing board that may see EV fast charge times come down to less than a minute and a full charge in less time than it takes to collect a take-away coffee.

Tritium is adding value to the customer experience in many innovative ways. Each Veefill charger is accessed and monitored from the central server units in the Brisbane, Australia head office. 

Not only can each Veefill fast charger be technically supported and monitored remotely but field technical support can be despatched quickly to ensure optimal uptime is maintained. 

The entire suite of Veefill remote management software has been developed right here in Australia by the Tritium R&D team creating a value proposition that will excite electronic vehicle users and infrastructure owners alike.

Aussie innovator Tritiumis not just part of a modern technology paradigm shift – it is writing the very future of transportation and the energy that powers it.

David Gray is lead consultant at Digital Information Partners offering specialist services in media and press relations in Australia and internationally.


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