Asia discovers new range of Aussie indigenous skincare products

Asia discovers new range of Aussie indigenous skincare products  article image

A new range of skincare products made from all-natural ingredients used by Aboriginal communities for more than 40,000 years, is taking Asia by storm.

The range features oils, creams and lotions made from indigenous ingredients like Kakadu Plum, Native Finger Limes and Native Quangdong fruits.

Australian family-owned skincare manufacturer G&M Cosmetics unveiled the new products at a special showing in Sydney last week – and said demand for these natural ingredients worldwide is now outstripping supply.

G&M is exporting its native skincare range to China, Hong Kong, Thailand, US and just recently added Vietnam to its growing list of overseas markets.

“In the last few years the Native Australian brand has had a huge demand from overseas customers,” said Zvonko Jordanov, owner and managing director of G&M Cosmetics.

“With the unique attributes and active indigenous ingredients such as Kakadu Plum, which has 100 times more Vitamin C than citrus, consumers are now demanding more natural alternatives for their skin health.”

The Sydney-based company, established 21 years ago, now supplies more than 5000 locations in China alone.

China’s beauty/skincare market is conservatively estimated at $30 billion a year.

Most searched online brand

G&M supplies many of China’s biggest retailers and supermarkets including Walmart China, Carrefour Supermarket, Vanguard Supermarket, Lotus Supermarket, Grandbuy, and Nepstar Drug Store Pharmacy.

The company also operates its own Tmall flagship online store in China and sells via JD.COM and VIP.COM.

For the past two years G&M Cosmetics has been the most searched Australian brand online in China.

G&M has a large factory complex in the southern Sydney suburb of Taren Point, which houses 14 productions lines and over 50 local employees. The factory can produce up to 100,000 units per day.

Proudly Australian made

Mr Jordanov has long resisted the temptation to set up a manufacturing plant in China, which offers much cheaper labour and a significantly bigger market.

“How silly would we look making Australian creams and native products in China?” he asked.

“That won’t happen. We will stay here (in Australia) and we are here to stay.”

The launch of the new native range featured a live skincare parade and live performance by Walangari Karntawarra and Diramu Aboriginal Dance Group.

“Combining the best practices of skincare manufacturing and traditional native fruits G&M Australian Cosmetics is keeping alive a piece of indigenous culture and history and taking this to the world,” Mr Jordanov told guests.

Consumers in Asia are now more health conscious and actively seek top quality, natural products.

The Native Australian brand offers sophisticated, highly concentrated formulations, containing Australia’s most effective natural 100% organic oils.

The range, which contains 100% natural, organic oils, is:

  • Paraben and Mineral Oil Free
  • Artificial Fragrance and Colour Free
  • Not tested on animals

Active indigenous ingredients include:

  • Kakadu Plum with 70 times more vitamin C than citrus to promote skin glow
  • Quandong fruits extract with an abundance of super nourishing extracts and natural oils leaving skin protected and refreshed
  • Native Finger Limes – the so called “citrus caviar of native fruits” with high natural oil and high sources of Vitamin C and E to promote skin restoration.


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Jenny D
19 Dec 2017
where can i buy this g&m cosmetics native Australian skincare brand in Australia? thanking you Jenny D

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