Opposition release economic recovery plan

Opposition release economic recovery plan article image

Opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull has criticised the Rudd Government’s stimulus package, saying it has not done enough to create jobs. In an interview with David Koch on morning TV program Sunrise, Turnbull said: "The only thing I’ll guarantee you these cash splashes will deliver is bigger and bigger mountains of debt, which will mean higher interest rates and higher taxes in the future - no jobs." Turnbull said that the Opposition were focused on creating jobs and had created their own economic recovery plan. On the agenda is job creation, tax relief for business, and investment in infrastructure. "We want to provide real incentives for businesses to keep people on the payroll. So we’ve proposed measures that will lower the cost for small business of employing people by rebating a portion of the superannuation guarantee contribution. "We’ve proposed tax relief, bringing forward tax cuts due for July 1 this year and July 1 next year," Turnbull said. Turnbull added that the Government also needs to focus on infrastructure, a sentiment echoed by the International Monetary Fund, which has said that cash bonuses are not the best way to stimulate the economy.


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