Aussies optimistic about economic crisis

Aussies optimistic about economic crisis article image

With unemployment dropping, and the Aussie dollar climbing, Australians are becoming more optimistic about the future, with a recent report conducted by Eye On Australia indicating 63 percent are satisfied with the economic situation. The report released by marketing communications agency Grey, has shown that despite 60 percent of respondents believing the economic situation will get worse in the next 12 months, the majority of Australians remain positive. The results also found that women are the most concerned about the economic climate (36 percent), compared to 27 percent of men, while  most Australians (86 percent) are actively trying to reduce debt. Unemployment and job security is seen as the major issue facing Australians in the next five years (29 percent), however 41 percent of Australians feel they are living in prosperous times. According to Simon Rich, director of planning at Grey, the real impact of the recession so far has been the negative sentiment rather than the physical effect. "For most Australians, life is still okay: interest rates are low, the cost of petrol is declining and unemployment has not yet reached crisis levels. So we are positive about today but concerned about what the future may hold and as a result we are cutting back expenses and holding off on big ticket purchases," he said.


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