Smart new business software saves time and money

Smart new business software saves time and money article image

Exporters are constantly looking for ways to cut costs and improve efficiencies.

Now a new software program can help you to do just that.

Power PDF provides Australian exporters with greater security and functionality, as well as significant cost savings.

Developed by Nuance Communications, a leader in global software solutions, Power PDF is one of the first software products with a focus solely on business.

The developers say this new “feature rich” software will revolutionise the way people interact with PDF.

The software reduces the amount of interaction required to accomplish a task – and therefore improves efficiency and saves valuable time.

Exporters can benefit from savings in the time it takes to produce documents as well as unlock them. They can also benefit from savings in print costs and can recover hidden costs such as those associated with the need for less bandwidth when documents are emailed as PDFs.

The software makes it easy to share and collaborate on work seamlessly across an organisation as well as externally – all while providing document control and security.

Power PDF features a Microsoft Office-style ribbon interface that requires no training.

User-friendly and functional

It is easy to install and simple to work with. Firms can customise their installation of the software and deploy it where required.

It’s both user-friendly and functional. It’s also very fast.

Craig Jennings, a Nuance sales director (APAC), says it’s 50 percent faster to use than other PDF software, so that PDF files can be created quickly and hassle-free from a wide range of formats.

It also opens documents at an equally quick rate.

PDFs can be created quickly from numerous formats. They can also be converted back into MS Office formats  – even those with complex layouts that have columns, tables and graphics. Power PDF also provides faster document mark up. A minimum number of clicks are required to highlight text, manage comments and review documents.

The software can also help automate large-scale PDF creation or conversion, stamping, watermarking, OCR, redaction, inserting or deleting pages and Bates numbering tasks to help exporters improve efficiencies.

Power PDF also provides increased batch folder automation to help speed up manual tasks. For instance, if you need to find invoice IDs, addresses or dates, you can simply look through your PDF files to locate the required information quickly.

New Document Reader Only function

You can combine and assemble complex documents with ease. For instance, in maintenance manuals or government regulation documents, users can update content without losing links to other parts of the document. For review use cases, they can utilise batch tools to automate repetitive tasks and improve efficiency throughout the workplace.

The software also offers a new Document Reader Only function. This lets users deploy a PDF file that can only be accessed for reading to enforce compliance with SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, eDiscovery and other internal control best practices and regulatory mandates.

The software improves document security by using 256 bit encryption. The ability to apply digital signatures is now a standard feature so exporters do not need to chase customers for hard copy signatures. They can also place orders with suppliers digitally.

Forms can also be created, adjusted and completed digitally. All of this of course, cuts down on time and on the need to print, helping to save on costs.

Power PDF offers exporters an affordable PDF alternative to other more expensive PDF solutions now available – starting at $149.99 for 2-4 users.

The only downside is it that Power PDF is currently only compatible with PCs.

Is it worth the small investment? Absolutely.

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