OFX adopts new technology to further improve client services

OFX adopts new technology to further improve client services article image

OFX, a global leader in international monetary transfers, has selected the Qualtrics Experience Management Platform™ to monitor and improve client experience.

With plans to strengthen its global presence, OFX sought to leverage their critical point of difference – client service. 

“OFX chose Qualtrics because the platform allows us to monitor the client experience at multiple touchpoints across multiple channels,” said Sarah Bernhardi, Commercial Director, OFX. “Feedback is real-time, meaning opportunities can be identified quickly, and OFX can easily prioritise the areas that need to change. Consequently, we’re seeing incremental changes every week that positively affect the customer experience as well as the employee experience.

“Using the Qualtrics XM Platform, OFX now has a very responsive closed-loop feedback system in place.”

Ms Bernhardi said a member of the OFX client services team contacts the client to offer assistance within two hours of feedback being received.

“Having client services teams around the world means we can do this without delay.” 

More responsive to client needs

As a result of implementing the Qualtrics Experience Management Platform for real-time feedback, OFX’s approach to improving the client experience is much more responsive.

This is made possible by the way OFX has deployed Qualtrics across the organisation.

Staff can access real-time dashboards and reports, allowing teams within the organisation to immediately address important issues relating to their business section.

“The goal with Qualtrics was to make information available to the people that need it without delay,” said Ms Bernhardi.

“From day one, we were adamant that we wouldn’t waste time converting the data into presentations. Instead, we provided the Qualtrics dashboard to as many people in the organisation that needed it, offering full transparency.

“This is a more powerful approach that demonstrates the priority we’ve placed on keeping the customer central to everything we do. Without Qualtrics we would not have been able to implement the client experience transformation at the speed at which we have done.”

Key driver for business success

Bill McMurray, Managing Director, Asia Pacific and Japan, Qualtrics, said: “Customer experience is rapidly becoming a key driver for business success.

“Companies that focus on customer experience effectively, addressing customer concerns and demonstrating genuine care for the customer, are seeing exceptional results.

“OFX identified the importance of the customer experience early. The secret to success of such programs is not just gathering feedback but deriving insights from that feedback and acting immediately to improve the customer experience.

“This is where companies can create a significant competitive advantage.”


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