Does your export business need a health check?

Does your export business need a health check? article image

Is your business having cash flow problems?

Need help with foreign exchange rates, insurance or freight forwarding?

Global Trade Finance Group (GTFG) is a unique new service that does it all.

This innovative new start-up will help match you with an ideal service provider, saving you time and money.

Director and founder Lloyd Guy, a former senior executive with ANZ and Bank of Queensland, is the driving force behind Global Trade Finance Group.

Lloyd has worked with importers and exporters for more than 30 years assisting with growth plans for companies. 

Based in Sydney, Lloyd and his team provide advice and support for the exporting and importing companies of all sizes – from SME to Corporate.

GTFG specialises in:

  • Cash flow management
  • Supplier/buyer trading terms
  • Foreign Exchange Rates
  • Importing and Exporting Supply Chain
  • Finding the Right Banking Products and Services
  • Debtor financing
  • Freight and Insurance

“Accountants do a good job helping exporters trading in overseas markets,” Lloyd explains. “And freight companies and insurance companies also do what they can to assist – but until now no-one has been able to bring all of these services together.

“Our group can assist exporters or importers who may be having cash flow issues, banking, FX or freight forwarding problems and negotiate a better deal on their behalf.

“We offer a total package … and we stay on the journey to ensure you are provided with the correct products and services.

“Our company has expert contacts across all areas that have been built over many years – we can provide competitive pricing packages negotiated with many suppliers.”

Australia’s International Business Survey 2016, one of Australia’s largest and most in-depth surveys of internationally active businesses, found that just over three quarters of respondents chose not to seek additional funding for international business opportunities in the last three years. In 16 per cent of cases funding was not sought because of an expectation they would be unsuccessful.

And of the remainder who did seek additional finance, 32 per cent failed in the attempt. For SMEs (those with turnover below $1 million) the share of unsuccessful funding attempts rose to 51 per cent.

AIBS 2016 found that a large minority of exporters could do more international business if sufficient finance was available.

“This is where GTFG can assist, says Lloyd. “We deal directly with the banks on behalf of our clients to ensure they get the best possible result.”

Lloyd says the biggest challenge facing SME exporters and importers is cash flow.

“Many SMEs get bullied by overseas buyers and are forced to accept payment terms that suit the buyer.

“Or they may be having problems securing the right FX policy or have difficulties in opening a bank account overseas.

“This is where we can assist.”

GTFG uses its contacts in key trading markets to help open new doors for its clients.

A GTFG consultant can visit your office or home and initially complete a complimentary detailed Health Check on your business.

“We have a check list covering all the issues affecting exporters and importers,” he says.

“We will ask many questions and make recommendations on how your business can be improved.

“This may include finding the best banking partners, FX providers, freight or insurance services. 

“An independent review of your current business assists in ensuring that you are operating efficiently and economically. 

“There are many options to improve cash flow and these often don’t involve bank debt. “Together we will find the best options for your business.”


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