Compass Global Markets helps traders find peace of mind in turbulent times

Compass Global Markets helps traders find peace of mind in turbulent times article image

This week the Australian dollar plunged to more than six years lows below 0.7050c as global markets fell in the wake of a breathtaking fall in Chinese stock markets.

As concerns grew over asset bubbles in China and fears of a hard landing for the Chinese economy escalated, investors globally threw in the towel and precipitated a massive 1000 point drop in the Dow Jones index when the US markets opened for trading on Monday.

The silver lining is that the Australian dollar is now at its most favourable level for exporters in more than six years. 

Whilst no one can predict where the Aussie is headed and the major banks are revising their estimates for the currency to trade below .70c before the end of the year, it certainly must be the most prudent strategy for exporters to now look at locking in some forward exchange rate cover.

Many exporters would have been struggling when the dollar was trading close to $1.10 against the United States dollar with trading conditions improving as the Australian dollar fell below parity and then subsequently to below .90c and then below .80c.

Currently, exporters can lock in forward cover for six months at levels below 0.7250.

Marcus Ungar, Vice President at Compass Global Markets said: "It is a simple matter of good cash flow management. If you have forward sales and know that at current exchange rates your business is doing well in terms of margins then why not explore the possibility of locking in rates or other strategies that allow you to take advantage of the very favourable rates? You can effectively lock in your cost of goods at very attractive levels "MarcusUngar

There are the banks and a number of non-bank FX providers like Compass Global Markets who you can speak to in relation to foreign exchange risk management.


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