Live animal exports of sheep and cattle have been approved for three companies from Western and South Australia.

In this article we consider the importance for SMEs to identify the inventors of a patent application correctly and steps that can be taken to prevent inventorship disputes.

Are you exporting in large quantities? Perhaps you should look into utilising the expertise of a freight forwarder.

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Indonesia have postponed the implementing of new quarantine regulations that threatened to affect exports to the country from Australia.

A new international agreement announced by the Australian Government will see more support offered to local SMEs.

A new stopping destination for cargo transport has been set up for Maersk Line.

Export Finance and Insurance Corporation (EFIC) has provided a £379,000 export working capital guarantee to assist TTG Transportation Technology Pty Ltd (TTG) to deliver its GBP 1.59 million ($2.5million) contract to provide train management software to UK’s First Rail Holdings.