OzForex Group, a leading provider of online international payment services, is now making it easier for small to medium businesses to process foreign currency invoices.

How would you like to compose email messages, documents, presentations, memos, blog posts or white papers – without typing a word?

Australian based company uPrintX Pty Ltd has launched the world’s first iPad application to cover all simple business design needs.

The Federal Budget slashed and burned its way through a swathe of industry support programs.

New applications for Export Marketing Development Grants (EMDG) open on July 1 this year.

When Australian exporters launch a marketing campaign in non-English speaking countries, it is tempting to simply hire a translator.

Business travellers depend on the internet to stay connected to clients, remain in contact with the office, and to conduct meetings on the go.

Ask people why they started their own business and nine times out of ten you get the same answer: "I wanted to be my own boss."

I was chatting to a friend who had started a couple of businesses the other day, and one thing he said struck me. He was talking about the second company he’d started, which had begun to take off. He received traction with the business and was able to find customers for his products, but then hit a wall.

When growing your business into overseas markets, it is important to get the translation of your materials and messaging right. This is even more evident when there are large dollars at stake or sensitive negotiations to take place.