Postcard: Dr Martin Blake explains why Singapore is a great place to do business.

How is Australia courting Indian students and the Indian investment sector two years on from a wave of violence which diminished Indian student numbers?

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Just because two countries seem culturally similar on the surface, it doesn't mean they approach business in the same way.

When negotiating overseas you'd be wise to consider that tactics in low context and high context cultures are very different. What's good for the United Kingdom won't necessarily work in Asia.

One billion consumers. A growing middle class. Sub-Saharan Africa poses an unbridled opportunity for Australian businesses.

Melbourne architect Alexandra Chu is at the forefront of sustainable design in Shanghai, running a respected master planning firm and heading up Anken Group, developing sustainable serviced offices for creative businesses.

China houses a growing online community of modern-day consumers ready to do business on the internet. Exporters need to follow the buzz.

Hong Kong offers much more than just an easy route into China. The harbour city is a sophisticated market in itself, with many opportunities for savvy Australian exporters to test their mettle.

Sustainable architecture and construction as a market is here to stay, but how do Australian exporters compete in and with countries and regions that are seeing the market potential?