In the fourth article in our series on the use of Intellectual Property (IP) by small and medium businesses (SMEs), we discuss some further thoughts shared with us by inventors who have gone through the process of conceiving an invention and developing the invention to a market-ready product.

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These are the words of Marcus Svedberg, Chief Economist of East Capital who made his first ever visit to Australia this week to meet with potential and existing investors.

A year on from the earthquake and tsunami that engulfed Japan, it is important to recall that two prominent foreigners went to the country soon after to show solidarity.

To describe the electricity instability in most Sub-Saharan African countries to someone who never lived in the region could sound like a fairy tale.

In the concluding part of this Africa Telecommunication opportunities series, it is important to understand that Africa still has major challenges to overcome before the Telecom sector matures to advanced standards as applicable in many developed economies.

Why take your business global? A better question may well be why not.

With a population of 1.35 billion and an economy growing at about 10 percent per annum, opportunities don’t come any bigger than China.

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