New blogger Andrew Barnett takes us through the next few months in world currency markets to better prepare exporters for what's to come.

Uncertainty in Europe could lead to Australian exporters feeling the effects.

Trade and Competitiveness Minister Craig Emerson heads to Malaysia to sign a new comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (FTA), aimed to further integrate the Australian economy with the fast-growing Asian region.

Treasurer Wayne Swan unveiled the 2012/13 budget in Canberra overnight, returning it to surplus and detailing a number of measures he said would benefit small business. But many SMBs have been left wanting by the budget, saying it doesn’t deliver enough support to the sector.

Sue Tindal, executive vice president of global trade and transaction services from the Commonwealth Bank advises exporters to prepare for a changing exchange rate.

What started as a website comparing shipping prices has evolved into a parcel forwarding service.

Exporters are reassessing their intention to borrow as the strong Australian dollar continues to hurt businesses, reports the latest Commonwealth Bank study Aussie Dollar Barometer.

A new international agreement announced by the Australian Government will see more support offered to local SMEs.

With two hundred Fortune 500 companies already established there, Chengdu is quickly becoming the "Western frontier" for financial services in China.

Think Global's David Thomas reports back from the Asian Financial Forum.