New partnership forged to combat counterfeiting of Aussie exports

New partnership forged to combat counterfeiting of Aussie exports article image

Australian Made has partnered with IT company Trust Codes to help protect exporters from counterfeiting and maintain brand integrity.

Trust Codes will use marketing-leading cloud platform technology to help protect the integrity and safety of Australian Made licensees.

Trust Codes’ sophisticated solution helps combat counterfeiting, minimise brand damage and reduce consumer risk around the globe.

A fake product is instantly identified to customers and within minutes, the manufacturer of the genuine product is alerted that counterfeiting activity is in action.

Unlike a regular QR code, Trust Codes contain unique, cryptographically generated tokens that connect with secure data in the cloud.

The solution is now available for more than 2,700 Australian Made licensees and over 20,000 individual products.

Australian Made has helped Australian brands certify their goods for more than 30 years, adding the classic green-and-gold kangaroo trademark on a wide range of products and produce.

Ensuring product and brand integrity

The not-for-profit organisation understands how important it is for exporters to tell the story of their authentic, high-quality Australian products.

“Combining the Australian Made logo with Trust Codes will help ensure product and brand integrity," says Ian Harrison, CEO of Australian Made Campaign Ltd.

"Australian Made recognises Trust Codes will provide our licensees with access to innovative brand protection technology and hundreds of brands use Trust Codes’ solutions already.

“Authenticity and quality are top of mind for consumers in Asia, so it is important that Australian producers adopt technology that will provide that assurance,” Harrison says.

Paul Ryan, CEO and founder of Trust Codes, says the partnership with Australian Made will be win-win for consumers and licensees.

“Many Australian businesses use Trust Codes to tackle the risk and cost of counterfeit products in export markets,” says Ryan.

“Our global footprint and technological leadership will help Australian Made licensees demonstrate product authenticity, quality and safety to consumers all over the world.”

Protecting your reputation

When a Trust Code is scanned, cloud-based algorithms can instantly assure the customer if the product is authentic or alert the brand owner if something is amiss.

The owner can then act against copies or fake products and protect their reputation.

“Trust Codes are used on hundreds of millions of products, so Australian Made licensees can have confidence that they are joining a community of Trust Codes customers already enjoying export success. 

“Our complementary development of blockchain solutions will also keep Australian brands at the forefront of technology,” Ryan says.


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