New bid to develop a stronger Australian brand to help boost exports

New bid to develop a stronger Australian brand to help boost exports article image

The Government has unveiled plans to develop a stronger “Australian” brand to assist exporters in the global marketplace.

The Minister for Trade, Investment and Tourism Steven Ciobo said a unified national brand will help exporters use the strength of Australia’s reputation when they sell their products and services to the world.

Business and industry raised the importance of having a strong national brand for Australian exports during consultations for the preparation of a new Foreign Policy White Paper.

“A unified brand will bring together Australia’s export strengths – such as tourism, agricultural products and education – under the one Australian banner,” Mr Ciobo said.

“It will be a powerful symbol for our goods and services to use on the world stage.”

The Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade), has begun a stocktake of existing Australian brands.

Clean and green reputation

The aim is to better understand how these brands resonate and what elements can be used to create a more powerful, unified identity for Australian goods and services.

Australia’s clean and green reputation is already a strong selling point that is well recognised in key export markets such as China.

Research conducted by Austrade has found that Australia is known for unique flora and fauna, beautiful scenery and friendly people. But it is less recognised for harder attributes, such as technology, innovation and science, which make Australia even more attractive as a potential trade or investment partner.

“A clear, unified national brand that combines these and other qualities will provide the support our industries need to thrive in a competitive global marketplace,” Mr Ciobo said.

The Australian Made Campaign has welcomed the new initiative.

“The power of consistent branding, both here and overseas, cannot be overstated,” Australian Made Campaign Chief Executive, Mr Harrison said.

Recognised and trusted symbol

Mr Harrison said the already well-established Australian Made, Australian Grown logo should be a central part of the Government’s effort to support local farmers and manufacturers taking their goods abroad. It is by far Australia’s most recognised and trusted country-of-origin symbol.

“The iconic green-and-gold kangaroo logo has been clearly identifying Australian goods in export markets for more than 30 years with great success, so there is a pivotal role for the symbol to play in any ‘Brand Australia’ strategy,” Mr Harrison said.

“Australia enjoys a strong reputation internationally for its clean, green environment and high standards, so it makes sense to place a strong emphasis on promoting the Australian brand and defending the authenticity of goods supplied from this country.”

The Australian Made logo is currently used by nearly three thousand businesses across more than 20,000 products sold all over the world.

Its international reach is supported by its legal registration in key export markets such as China, USA, South Korea and Singapore.

“The logo has been used in global marketplaces extensively throughout all of its 31 years, including as high level branding at many trade shows and exhibitions, to clearly and effectively highlight the Australian exhibitors,” Mr Harrison said.

It is now also a central plank of the Government’s new country of origin food label, which becomes mandatory for almost every Australian food product sold in Australia as of July next year, further enhancing its role as Australia’s global product symbol.


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