Australian Made branding ‘is key under TPP’

Australian Made branding ‘is key under TPP’ article image

The Australian Made Campaign is urging businesses to boost country-of-origin branding on products and produce to leverage new export opportunities under the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement.

“The TPP will significantly reduce trade barriers, opening up new markets for Aussie growers and manufacturers, said Australian Made Campaign Chief Executive, Ian Harrison.

“But it is important that they make the most of the marketing opportunity presented by ‘being Aussie’,” he said.

“Prominent country-of-origin branding will play a key role in driving sales in the Pacific region, which has demonstrated increasing demand for Australian products and produce.”

The Australian Made Campaign administers and promotes the country’s only registered country-of-origin certification trade mark for all classes of Australian goods, the green-and-gold Australian Made, Australian Grown kangaroo logo.

“The stylised kangaroo has been used to promote genuine Aussie products and produce for almost three decades, and the research shows it works,” Mr Harrison said.

Trusted country-of-origin symbol

Research clearly establishes that the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo is by far Australia’s most recognised and trusted country-of-origin symbol.

In addition, surveys conducted by YSC Online in 2010 found that products carrying the logo in export markets were more likely to have increased sales than those that did not.

“Australia has earned itself a reputation for making and growing high quality products and produce, with the Australian dollar falling in value, demand for Aussie exports is growing strongly,” Mr Harrison said.

“For many small businesses involved in export, the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo, with its proven, established links to Australia, becomes their strongest brand in the marketplace.”

In addition to its role as a marketing tool in countries worldwide, the logo is already a registered certification trade mark in TPP nations Singapore and the USA. Plans for further registrations are underway.


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