Sustainable tourism businesses compete for $25K prize

Sustainable tourism businesses compete for $25K prize article image

Qantas will continue to reward sustainable tourism operators with a $25,000 cash prize through its Award for Excellence in Sustainable Tourism. The award is designed to attract businesses that minimise their impact on the local environment, conserve natural resources, respect local culture and benefit local communities as well as inspire other tourism businesses to adopt sustainable ways of doing business. The business also needs to provide a unique travel experience and have a follow on effect with visitors that are likely to further promote Australia as one of the world's leading sustainable tourism destinations. "The Qantas Group has a carefully coordinated approach to managing the environmental impacts of its operations in place. As a result we established this award last year to reward tourism operators, who have demonstrated a real commitment to their environmental sustainability," said Rob Gurney, group executive of Qantas Airlines Commercial. The airline will also provide support through national seminars and workshops on developing and adopting environmentally friendly business practices. For more details on Qantas and the award, see or contact your local state tourism organisation.


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