Red tape reforms for agricultural exports

Red tape reforms for agricultural exports article image

The Federal Government will provide $40 million in funding to reform the export process for agricultural exports including the red meat, grain, horticulture, live exports, fish and dairy sectors. The reform will aim to make the exporting process more efficient, with modernisation of the current IT system and a greater use of electronic processing. Aims include:

  • To increase the use of electronic processing, rather than inefficient paperwork. Under the reforms, more than 89 percent of the 330,000 clearance certificates to be issued next financial year would be done electronically
  • To remove duplication in auditing and inspection requirements between state, Commonwealth and customers.
  • To clear grains for export earlier in the process; last minute clearance meant grain exporters had to pay demurrage costs if the loading of a vessel was delayed due to clearance issues.

"We want to help support local jobs in these important export industries by driving efficiencies and cutting red tape," said Minister for Agriculture Tony Burke. "Industry has designed these reforms and we’ve supported their view that they deserve a world-class export certification system."


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